Comments on: As It Was… conversation and contention, for your attention Wed, 01 Apr 2009 08:30:23 +0000 hourly 1 By: christina Wed, 01 Apr 2009 08:30:23 +0000 Functions as a “dumping ground” for any occult activity deemed criminal.

People even ask me if I am a member!

Usually while up to their own devious devices.

Paranoia is calmed by the thought that Chaos can be contained in a word.

Fear of the unknown is the greatest Fear.

A survey asked a group what of their 5 senses they feared losing the most.

They mostly answered Vision.

Ah, but the best of the senses, number 6 . Common Sense.

Robert Anton Wilson, someone who should be considered for cloning, if they

fail on that “Boys From Brazil” project, had lots of good ideas on such matters.

There is great joy in knowing there are folks out there even more unstable than


To that end, I gave them all my home address, but they are too paranoid to

believe anyone would be that crazy.

Charles Manson summed it up quite succiently in an interview by saying
“anyone can write a book and say anything they want”

If the time was allowed to me, might even write one myself just to make it all the

more absurd.

After all, life is an absurdity pretending to be serious.


By: FatalTwilight Sun, 13 Jan 2008 22:21:51 +0000 Thank you for posting, I have been searching for more church materials as of late, since the net has limited infos.

You can find Satan’s Power at in the book of archives section.

They would probably like to see you there as well, and any new infos that you could bring.

By: knutty Sun, 13 Jan 2008 20:14:18 +0000 As It Is,
I was a member of the Cambridge, Mass. chapter of the Process back around the late 60’s early 70’s. The church was sponsered or at least recognised by the Major of Chambridge at the time. I still have many books and church writtings from that time. I have been unable to find further info on the church till I found the site which has been under construction for some time until recently. I could not find any dispute with what the Process was teaching and nothing about sacrifices etc. existed. The church belief was that there were 3 gods. Jehovah, Lucifer and satan. The problem I found was that most people beleived that Lucifer and Satan were the same but no one could show where in the Bible it said this. And I had asked preachers and ministers. But the church beleived we all had tendencies from all these gods and some leaned more toward one than the others. At the time we were the oppisite of the Hari Krishna.They wore white robes and no hair except a pony tale. The Process wore black with a silver cross and had long hair and beards for the men. There was no talk of Hitler even tho the ir symbol did look a bit odd but was oppisite of the swastica and based around the letter P with circles making the rest of the design. Also where can I find Satans Power. I want to read what was being said about the Process and what was said about members and rituals. For the most part the church existed with donations from strangers on the street and from sales of literature and we had a tea/coffee house which seemed more like a beatnic kind of place. No drugs were allowed even though I beleive some did on their own outsise the church. Enough for now . Maybe we can talk further in the future. My e-mail is ……………….. hope to hear from you………….So Be It