Comments on: 4 Reasons that the Afterlife is for Chumps conversation and contention, for your attention Fri, 25 Jan 2008 17:53:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: william Fri, 25 Jan 2008 17:53:22 +0000 I have a few thoughts on this post. First of all I’m highly amused that you used the phrase “sex occasion”. Great name for a band I think…

Regarding #4 “numbing to enjoyment” I think this applies more in the visceral sense i.e. if you rub up against something and it makes you feel good eventually it’s just going to give you road rash. Experience as memory however…that’s more about how you contextualize it in the future. I have had great big life experiences which happened a decade ago that still reverberate in a very powerful way. In fact I would say that some of them shine even brighter based on what I’ve learned. New consciousness=new interpretation of existing memories. If you experienced a radical shift in your perspective it would alter the context of your memory completely. That, of course, could swing either way.
To cite a positive example. I remember playing an Ohgr show at the Palace in LA when things were going off (in the best kind of way). I recall turning around and seeing you rocking that Nord Lead with a shit eating grin on your face. That will still make me smile a thousand years from now.

Regarding the whole life after death malarky. My standard response is “how can you ask for anything more than this?”
You are a being that is somewhat (self) aware that you sprung from oblivion and are headed right back where you came from. But, just for a second, you get to experience something we call life. For whatever reason you are witness to something pretty immense and amazing that actually seems to be happening right now. Really, stop and look around you. I would trade one more of this for eternity any day.

By: FatalTwilight Thu, 24 Jan 2008 04:19:08 +0000 Hells yeah. Then eating an apple which bears the word kallisti.

Kickin’ it with Eris would probably be fun too!

An ever changing reality where new senses are developed and destroyed for no reason. Random, complex, simple, chaotic existence…

By: Plasmafist Thu, 24 Jan 2008 04:09:05 +0000 This was a funny read, and insightful. I think a fair portion of your article could be summed from a little Stephen King quote, “Hell is about repetition”. Positive or negative, repetitive actions “build a hell in heaven’s despite” (W. Blake – Clod and the Pebble). Although I guess OCD afflicted individuals could argue against this, no?

I completely agree about how suffering can become accustomed to, and on an infinite time line obviously, but I think even just looking at how Jews in the Nazi concentration camps had become accustomed to a seemingly infinite variety of sufferings this theory to a certain degree has been proven correct. Suppose for a lot of individuals the U.S. prison system has had the same effect also in numbing the physical / mental / spiritual.

And yes, as the progression of slight to sever addiction tells, numbing to pleasure (or “enjoyment”) is an obstacle most do not overcome. And thats on such a relatively minute time scale that the mere idea of heaven is pretty scary. Although, spending eternity as one of the Einherjar in Valhalla assisting in the battle against the giants… now thats something you just can’t find fault in.

By: FatalTwilight Wed, 23 Jan 2008 05:25:06 +0000 Reincarnation would be a quick solvent to boredom. But then, supossidly in much of the beleif systems that support reincarnation the goal would be to end it, and become one with the brahma(god, universe, etc…)

Then one asks, “Whats the point?”

One would most likely bring into question, “What is the purpose of life?”

I beleive that its what you make of it. When I die I will find out what happens and I will live my life to its fullest, with my own purpose, ignoring that which does not make sense, until I am satisfied.

Right now in this period in time I am exploring my universe in much the same way religions were created, except with the difference of my own creative experimentation and discovery.

So far my experimentation leads me to an agnostic questionable answer that there is a larger presence at work…or just residual bio/psychological feedback.

By: magdalene Tue, 22 Jan 2008 23:52:15 +0000 Sweet Jesus, these points summarize nicely why I fled the LDS Church at age 13. “I’m going to be stuck doing genealogical work in the Celestial Kingdom with my parents and my dumbshit husband for how long?” Even if my dumbshit husband and I were sufficiently pious to be promoted to gods of our own planet, how many “spirit children” could I possibly bear before becoming bored with the whole spirit childbirth experience? Or creating new animals? At some point, one imagines going into a malevolent sort of despair in which one creates animals that devour themselves, or ferocious animals that have space/time travel capabilities who will hunt down the god that created me and rip out his divine guts. Although I do wonder what would happen after the boredom, the despair, the godly carnage. Having no temporal markers, would I begin to lose ego identity? Then what? “Become one with the universe?”