Comments on: Alice conversation and contention, for your attention Sun, 13 May 2012 02:47:56 +0000 hourly 1 By: jpcallan Sun, 13 May 2012 02:47:56 +0000 This is incredible. Intensely positive outlook, but not without a sense of the sacrifices that will come with such a big fundamental change…

By: Emma Tue, 26 Aug 2008 07:55:16 +0000 This disturbed me and gave me a sense of euphoria at the same time. Alice through the Looking Glass, The Handmaids Tale. Both sprang to mind. The Handmaids Tale being the opposite of this tale. A terrible frightening world of plummetting birth rates and state controlled breeding. This is on the other hand, a vision of utopia – of controlled utopia at a price. Who would be the women deemed unfit to bear children? Try to reflect on it. The human need to reproduce, its as basic as needing to eat if one really admits to oneself how it feels to muse on creating another life. At a primal level, its frightening, bloody and wonderful.

Of course this is a vision of a world without the control of religion. Which seeks primarily to control sexuality and reproduction. Lets all bear children in the name of God because children are a gift – from God – translation lets make as many Catholics/Muslims, insert faith here, as possible in order to swell our ranks, gain more power and take over the minds of all peoples. Why not be free of all that mind control, the petty tyrrany of ancient tribal law foisted upon unwitting subjects. Misery, death, judgement. Lets leave that behind. Lets educate. Shine a light on reality. We long for that day when everyone thinks like us dont we? Egalitarian, beautiful, just, perfection. Yes thats the sense of euphoria I had.

The transition of course will be painful. But as long as its not me that is told I cant bear a child. Hey, if its you, well I dont mind so much. You see, my genes are so perfect, my brain so finely tuned it would be a crime not to allow me to reproduce. Its you that needs to stop it. Clever Carole, yes you are, to allow me to understand that humans are selfish and will ever be thus. Utopia at a price. But I wont pay it.

But back to reality with a bump. Forced sterilisation. Mmmm I dont think it will catch on. It actually filled me with disgust. In my day to day work trying to apply English law to women who have fled from China because of the one child policy, seeing and meeting women who have been forcibly sterilised, young women of 24 who have been taken off the street and questioned and operated upon. Parts of their body taken away without consent. One womans child was forcibly aborted at 8 months. Because she already had a child. Thats the reality of state controlled reproduction. The politics of greed and corruption take over. These women are pawns in the game whereby officials distort the law in order to make a quick buck – they get paid more for sterilising more women. This law at its most basic level is arbitrary, doled out by unthinking unfeeling dispassionate state agents.

But I digress. I could go on, I just dont have time. I need to reproduce, man ! And fast. But I think you get the gist. Alice may be looking through the Looking Glass but is the dream she dreams really a nightmare?

By the way, where can I get one of those wristbands?