Comments on: The Negative Mutation of Social Networks conversation and contention, for your attention Thu, 02 Apr 2009 10:49:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: christina Thu, 02 Apr 2009 10:49:05 +0000 This Internet Addict can’t stomach most social networks, and I’ll give my reasons.

First, unless you live in a very rural area where you virtually cannot meet
anyone to talk to , why are you social networking? This excludes people you are friends with who live far away!

Second, when I do write people on Myspace they act very surprised! Isn’t that
the point of being on a networking site? One even told me they couldn’t help me. I asked very simple questions on the matter I was inquiring about. What had happened was I wrote a rather disturbing song about cutting yourself to not say the word “I” . Everytime Aleister Crowley said “I”, he had to cut himself.
Am I making this stuff up? I just was disappointed in that guy. He went on to rave about how there would be a price to pay if me and my friends jumped him in a parking lot and beat him up. I’ve never beat anyone up in my whole life!

Third, it may be wrong to conclude that persons on Facebook and other networking sites are socially inept, the nature of the formate lends itself to depersonalization. I myself have numerous body piercings and tattoos. The other day a man smiled at my tattoo’s. They are almost never exposed because I got myself tattooed for my own pleasure, and hate the idea kids will see them and do it. I’m born into the role of social antagonist and go with it. I feel the masses will do anything trendy and may regret it later. Like that crack epidemic. Now I have to listen to how these people are “victims” let’s help them….

Fourth, I imagine persons in these networks and blogs are lacking in inter-personal skills. As a regular user of youtube, it is put on display for all to see exactly how stupid people really are. Now, I know these are mostly kids, but the comments to videos are so unclever and pointless. If you don’t like something, don’t watch it. In this case, it helped me as I never bothered to become a registered user.

Fifth, there are phony disinfo agents up there who do a poor job.

Finally, people just need to share their personal feelings with someone. In reality, no one cares about you, and that scares most people. If you have a good true friend your better off cultivating that realtionship than attempting to network. Perhaps it is the “grass is always greener” aspect of thinking?
It would seem to be herd mentality. It is offensive to say, but people will do anything that is popular , whether or not it is healthy,edifying , productive or of any value.
I think Anorexia, Bulemia, drug addiction, materialism, murder, suicide,
can be forced on people. A great example is music!
Everyone has turned on the radio, TV, you name it and heard bad music.

Sure. Now when this completely forgettable crap is played:Over and Over again…why it becomes popular! If one was to catch the first play of the song, as
I often did in the early 1990’s, you’d say…this sounds just like so-and so.
Only not quite as dangerous or as well delivered…
Fast Forward six months, the crappy band , song , movie, TV show, you name it!!
Totally popular. Whatever people hear over and over becomes true to them.
To that end I don’t watch TV at home and assume everyone I meet is under MK Ultra mind control. This is no way implies I am rude to them. I did start yabbering every line I could think of from “The Wizard of Oz” at one of them.
Nothing happened , but you sometimes have to wonder about people.
My brain gets a steady drip of musical and artistic ideas…some people get a steady diet of something else altogether. The song “Hexonxonx” provides my release valve for when I feel it “pushing me” to depression. The chains rattle happy to perform, indeed.


By: Loki der Quaeler Wed, 18 Mar 2009 14:15:02 +0000 I couldn’t have faked a more perfect example than this actual announcement of nothing-ness (and, unbelievably, asshats commented on it) — what total din.
A perfect example of Facebook