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I was hoping to see more about Neil Brick and his band of Manchurian Candidates. I have been following an active group of others like them who tend to gather in a couple of hate forums where they list the names of people they have targetted for “intervention”. These professional victims-of-their-own-delusions are getting more dangerous all the time because they have been able to take advantage of a totally dumbed-down population with their fake credentials and the media’s willingness to exploit and support their bizarre tales.

By: vindalf Sun, 29 May 2011 17:25:20 +0000 Doug – I’ve posted a temporary email address, in a comment to an article, on some other blog that you are associated with.

Very soon, I will begin publicly discussing the first “SRA survivors” – deliberately created frauds – who traveled around North America, attending feminist-run incest & CSA victim co-counselling groups briefly in various locations, and may also have appeared in hospital’s emergency rooms in the guise of failed suicide attempts, gaining access to psychiatric wards, their patients and their staff.

I’m going to give Dr Ross and some others a chance to publicly disclose what they might know about these frauds, before I make my own disclosure.

For now, here’s some intriguing info to ponder:

“The Synanon organization, initially a drug rehabilitation program [primarily for heroin addicts], was founded…in 1958…By the early 1960s, Synanon had also become an alternative community, attracting people with its emphasis on living a self-examined life, as aided by group truth-telling sessions that came to be known as the “Synanon Game”. Synanon ultimately became the cultish Church of Synanon in the 1970s, and Synanon disbanded permanently in 1989 due to many criminal activities, including attempted murder, and civil legal problems, including Federal tax-evasion problems…” – wikipedia

“Co-counselling…is a grassroots, low-cost method of personal change based on reciprocal peer counselling. It uses simple methods that can be seen as a refinement of “you tell me your problems and I’ll tell you mine”. In particular, time is shared equally and the essential requirement of the person taking their turn in the role of counsellor is to do their best to listen and give their full attention to the other person. It is not a discussion; the aim is to support the person in the client role to work through their own issues in a mainly self-directed way. ‘Counselors’ have no training or expertise by which to evaluate serious problems. Co-counselling was originally formulated in the early 1950s by the American Harvey Jackins…Jackins founded the Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) Communities…” – wikipedia

Synanon begat “The Seed” and “Straight Inc.”, as well as Odyssey House:

“In 1966 New York City Mayor John Lindsay hired Puerto Rican psychiatrist Efren Esteban Ramirez to run the city’s Addiction Services Agency. Dr. Ramirez once told a reporter that the best way to get a “strung-out junkie interested” was to “‘confront him’ with a rehabilitated addict, so he can work his way out of his own doubts by watching the reformed addict.” [Synanon had run a program in Puerto Rico.] Ramirez set up the synanon-based Phoenix House which hired former Synanite Ted Dibble to manage one of its centers. Phoenix House is one of the biggest TCs today. Psychiatrist Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber visited Dr. Ramirez in Puerto Rico and setup her own synanon-based TC in New York City called Odyssey House”

Psychiatrist and lawyer Judianne Densen-Gerber founded Odyssey House, a residential drug-rehabilitation [primarily heroin addicts] community, in New York in 1966. Odyssey House residents were mostly female heroin addicts with a history of incest and juvenile prostitution.

Densen-Gerber was a pioneer in moving understanding of and approach to incest (and later, all forms of child sexual abuse) from the realm of criminal sexual pathology – emphasis on perpetrator’s sexual neurosis and criminal behaviour – to the realm of medicine and health promotion – emphasis on the victim, their medical-psychiatric treatment and epidemiological models for evaluating and responding to social problems with medical consequences. Specifically, in a study by Jean Benward and Judianne Densen-Gerber, “Incest as a causative factor in antisocial behavior: an exploratory study”, 1975.

Densen-Gerber was also a pioneer and accomplished practitioner of fear-based Social Marketing and social change campaigns:

“Social marketing began as a formal discipline in 1971, with the publication of “Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned Social Change” in the Journal of Marketing by marketing experts Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman
Speaking of what they termed “social change campaigns”, Kotler and Ned Roberto introduced the subject by writing, “A social change campaign is an organized effort conducted by one group (the change agent) which attempts to persuade others (the target adopters) to accept, modify, or abandon certain ideas, attitudes, practices or behavior.” – wikipedia

Densen-Gerber’s greatest, acknowledged, success as a fear-based social change campaigner, came in the late 1970s. In the mid 1970s, there had been a genuine social emergency in America involving organized pedophiles exploiting lax regulation of various child care and child services organizations. Totally fraudulent “care homes” and “recreation camps” for boys had been established by organized pedophiles, and were being used to produce commercial child pornography. This crisis had been dealt with by law enforcement, before Densen-Gerber became aware of it, but she was instrumental in lobbying efforts that forced State and Federal governments to create legislation criminalizing the production, distribution or possession of child pornography specifically & separately from the more general “obscene materials” laws.

To achieve the creation and passing of this – objectively important and necessary – legislation, Densen-Gerber employed a number of tactics. She was quite ruthless – she used deliberately exaggerated data about the number of minors involved in juvenile prostituion and pornography, about the number of commercial child pornography products ‘on the market’ at that time, about the profitability of those products, as well as references to a completely fictitious child trafficking & prostitution ring. She mailed examples of commerial child porn to legislators, she displayed heart-breaking examples of child porn in her lectures and seminars – forcing “freedom of speech” zealots in the audience to confront the terrible reality of these materials. “Look at this! Look at it! Don’t turn away, don’t try to pretend this doesn’t exist!” she would say.

She testified at State & Federal government hearings on the subject, sometimes alongside “investigative journalist” (HAH!) Ken Wooden (who would later produce the first satanism special for 20/20). She made extensive use of “concerned citizens” and “concerned parents” organizations, giving lectures and presentations on juvenile prostitution and pornography all over North America, to informal, local citizen’s groups as well as chapters of national child welfare charities.

Now, with this background in mind, ponder these intriguing quotes:

“…the prevalence of incest among a sample of 188 female drug addicts in residence…” – Judianne Densen-Gerber

“Who, then are these “survivors” and what’s their connection to ritual abuse accusations? Sherrill Mulhern, who has spent years studying traditional cults and modern groups like Jonestown, began researching the “survivors” and their therapists about five years ago. She soon realized that she was looking not at a real cult, but at people linked by a delusionary belief in one.
Many “survivors,” Mulhern says, are former teen runaways who lived on the streets and took up prostitution – behavior typical of incest victims”

Odyssey House, “a treatment center for drug addicts, many of whom were also multiples [MPD]”, ran “programs for teenage prostitutes and a house for addicted mothers”…

Densen-Gerber, J. (1986). “The occurrence of stigmata in multiple personality/dissociative states”

“The teacher for this class [for law enforcement, on the subject of SRA] was a self-admitted former drug addict, prostitute and mental patient from California who claimed she was imprisoned as a child in a cult that aborted fetuses from her womb and ate them…” – Debby Nathan

“The stories (about different aspects of cult rituals) are very much the same, whether it’s someone reporting about a ceremony in Melbourne, Australia,[there is an Odyssey House in Victoria Australia], Vermont [there is an Odyssey House in Vermont], or Utah [there is an Odyssey House in Utah]” – Judianne Densen-Gerber

By: doug Tue, 10 May 2011 22:25:29 +0000 gigi – thanks for the link. i stopped by the page and perused it a bit, but i’d like to give it a more thorough read before commenting.

please excuse the delay, i’ve been away for a bit, and i’m now catching up.

vindalf – i have been looking through the link you posted. incredible material. very well done. do you contribute to that blog or know the person working on it?

intuitive expertise and supernormal powers of perception seemed to abound last week (at least where i was) as people speculated as to what “really happened” in the killing of osama bin laden. a lot of people, it seems, will doubt the “official story” as a matter of philosophical obligation. they seem to rely not on critical thinking means of evaluating information, but rather adhere to a polarized distinction between official stories, which are always lies, and alternative versions, which are probably true if only for the reason that those telling them have “no reason to lie about it”. this was an oft repeated line at the UFO conference. some extremely far-flung scenarios were accepted on the grounds that the claimant was presumed to have no reason to lie. but then, the reasons could be obscure and unknowable…

in the case of bin laden’s death, his actually NOT having been killed (either having died previously on his own, or being still alive in some speculations) seemed to serve no explanatory function for anything. there was no glaring discrepancy in the official story (that i could determine) that seemed to be reconciled with the idea that we’d been lied to. i didn’t hear any explanation as to why, if bin laden truly wasn’t in a suburb of pakistan, pakistan would allow the world to think he was — arguably at their expense. why would al-qaeda play along with this ruse by confirming his death amidst oaths of revenge? or is all this, too, simply manufactured content that the monolithic monster known as “the media” would like us to believe?

i fear that this knee-jerk pseudo-skepticism has become almost something of a social norm. after all, fools believe what “they” tell them… and none of us wants to be a fool, do we? in place of critical evaluation we simply discard what the “so-called experts” tell us, and consider instead the narratives of those outsiders who have no reason to lie (even if they do). what people need is a better understanding of how to evaluate information, starting from semantic logic and building up. it would be nice if therapists had some training in this regard, in which case you’d never see anybody in the field promoting something as asinine and worthless as the “extreme abuse survey”, an online retrospective survey exploring a non-phenomenon, circulated among its true believers, and then put into percentages — because percentages look scientific and neat… and that must prove something. of course, a version of the EAS could be circulated among abductees to gain a composite of their collective experiences in alien spacecrafts, and then we could put that data into percentages, but it really wouldn’t prove the existence of kidnapping ETs, would it?

you might be right about DID fading back into the spiritual. in which case it might end up where it began — treated by exorcists rather than medical imitators. to be sure, exorcism has always had a very apparent overlap with MPD/DID. there was a dr. olsen, who treated a woman named nadeen cool for MPD, who utilized exorcism in his treatments. this was learned during his malpractice trial, but this maliciously moronic medical hack is still in practice today. exorcism was claimed in the case of tyo v. colin ross, et al.

respected author of banal platitudes, scott peck, who wrote ‘the road less traveled’ wrote a follow-up book (that was decidedly less read) that relating his advanced medical wisdom regarding the cause of MPD: demons creating mischief. he endorsed exorcism. and why not? an exorcism appears orders of magnitude healthier than the family destroying victim narratives weighed upon those unfortunate enough to find themselves in the “care” of a DID “expert”.

By: gigi Mon, 09 May 2011 00:26:17 +0000 Oh, and for the record…I am neither a believer or non-believer of mind control and ritual abuse. I’m quite “on the fence” in the whole debate which is why I am interested in your perspective and opinion. It seems somewhat difficult to find someone who is willing to analyze facts without preconceived notions.


By: gigi Mon, 09 May 2011 00:24:36 +0000 Doug,

I’ve read through several of your articles and they are quite a refreshing perspective!

I am currently doing a psychological experimentation with mind control and ritual abuse at

I would love for you to weigh in on the memory aspect of the posts as well as your thoughts on diagnosis.

By: vindalf Mon, 25 Apr 2011 00:59:45 +0000 The graph representing Professional interest in DID over time is interesting.
I’ve been ‘strolling’ around corners of the ‘net where DID remains a persistent & popular topic, lately. A current trend seems to be disavowal or discarding of clinical-medical interpretation for DID – in favor of “re-storying” former “victims”, “sufferers” or simply “patients” supposedly possessing multiple personalities, as uniquely blessed & gifted individuals possessing powers beyond the comprehension of us “onesies”. Sample quotes:
“I believe the carriers of these personalities have an amazing power of escape that many of us cannot fathom”
“It is a power and not a disorder and it is amazing”.

Perhaps DID will eventually atrophy as a purportedly “medical” phenomenon and return to its original residence as a paranormal/spiritual phenomenon.

In your above article, you commented on irritatingly persistent irrational belief in “abnormal” powers of perception:
“These studies, their data, are but Satanic propaganda with the power to pollute the mind, clever and insidious misinformation constructed to fool even the critical elite within the UFO Congress.
And one’s very presence at the UFO Congress conference is enough to assure that they may be counted among the critical elite. We at the conference could see through the media’s government sponsored lies and disinformation. This fact alone, the fact that these conference goers knew well enough to see past the foul lies and accept the fact of ET activity on our own planet, made them experts in various other fields in which they had no formal training. Many speakers appeal to the intuitive expertise of this outsider elite in their lectures”. 

“intuitive expertise of this outsider elite” – hmm, sounds like something I’ve encountered before…differing terminologies for similar concepts? Yes, by golly – HERE IT IS AGAIN! That “special gift” for abnormal insight, enabling the (self-defined) special and uniquely blessed individual to flawlessly perform deductive inferences of unacknowledged abuse – among other powers they might possess.

Regardless of the terminology it may be draped in, this is all witch-doctor (or witch-finder) hocus-pocus “magical” claptrap. The root delusion – suffered by innumerable persons spanning the spectrum from intellectually brilliant academics to dunder-headed con-artists, from Freud himself to the likes of Colin Ross and Kathleen Sullivan, the root delusion suffered by nearly every conspiracy theorist of any stripe – is the unfounded belief that they are divinely (or at least, super-naturally) gifted persons, possessing abnormal powers of perception & insight equivalent to paranormal/magical ‘powers’. Sometimes they attribute their ‘powers’ to some form of magical skrying device – such as “symptom checklists” – but again the claim that such ‘devices’ need to be ‘interpreted’ by someone specially gifted in that “art”.

In the case of Freud and all the MPD-DID/ ritual abuse/ mind control therapists, there has been this persistent delusion that they can “diagnose” LIFE EVENTS from their client’s psychiatric/psychological maladies, which is delusional, magical thinking. “Diagnosis” is only a valid concept for deductions about underlying medical conditions/pathologies, derived from related symptoms. Life events are not “conditions” or pathologies, they cannot be “diagnosed”. Claiming to be able to diagnose life events is the equivalent of claiming to possess psychic abilities.

By: vindalf Sun, 10 Apr 2011 10:33:12 +0000 A fascinating read, Mr. Crude Individual!

(I hope to see you at the next meeting of the “Crude Individuals Conspiring to Sabotage Meticulously Constructed Visions of Repressed Truths with Vulgar Fact” Association]

I’m going to post some additional information/comments about the necessity for unquestioning belief in the claims of persons alleging any kind of victimization, over in the Meredith Maran Interview comment thread.

By the way, lots of valuable info relating to subjects raised in several of your articles, is being presented at this site:

By: Agridoce Fri, 04 Mar 2011 18:04:07 +0000 There is a cover up – but it’s not a cover up of UFOs/SRAs. It’s a coverup of what the real experiments are… brain to behavior study. Dissociation (not MPD) and delusions are a very big part of that. MK Ultra had more to do with the brain and effects of chemistry on the brain than it did about Fidel Castro’s beard or the Manchurian Candidate. These things are all coverups and real victims do exist. Suggestibility is a big part of the ongoing experiments and a way to get rid of victims. Social defeat, anxiety, manipulation of dopamine levels, and seizure like symptoms + the real disinfo people who try to make victims more paranoid and more suggestible to nonsense = a way to get rid of victims, not let unwitting victims find out they are victims, and cover up some of the worst crimes against humanity committed within the US.

signed, a victim (who happens to be a social scientist)