Belief and Common Reality

by  —  January 7, 2008

I was sitting with a close friend, F, and his wife, W, in a Tucson breakfast joint the other month; the discussion was hovering around figures of the Deepak Chopra flavour: how those types continue to profess insight on the workings of the universe by stringing together sexy physics words like a guru-Mad-Lib but who […]

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A Unique Invitation into a Subversive Conspiracy

by  —  January 5, 2008 cordially invites you, the esteemed reader, to share in a Conspiracy of Subversion. We want to hear your personal tales of lies, embezzlement, fraud, theft, malice, anomy, depredation, despoilation, iniquity and maleficence. We are looking for subversive, destructive, scofflaw employees. In the spirit of the following anecdote, we are soliciting you to post your […]

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