Of Souls and State Machines

by  —  January 30, 2008

William is packing for, and in transit to, Italy this week where he’ll be doing a couple months of work on The American Memory Project with Justin Bennett. So, you’ll have just Doug and myself this cycle. Many known belief systems in the world feature the idea of a ‘soul’ — a sentient component of […]

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Fluids of Strangers

by  —  January 25, 2008

The events of that debauched evening haunted my memory like some irrepressible Zapruder loop.   I felt that I had to come clean.  I composed an e-mail to avant industrial artist Otto Von Schirach, an innocent man who had fallen victim to the spiraling dysfunctional buffoonery of both The Drunken Murphy and myself:

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4 Reasons that the Afterlife is for Chumps

by  —  January 22, 2008

This discusses only some of the more common concepts of an afterlife; if you do not have a personal belief in the afterlife, or you do but it doesn’t feature your eternal continuation in a different realm, hanging out with friends and relatives, then you can safely read this article with your value system unassailed.

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Mother’s Day

by  —  January 21, 2008

The small, thin, hard-bound edition is said to adorn the book shelves of such august luminaries as former president Jimmy Carter and C. Everett Koop. Reviewers gushed: “The probity of the author is unquestionable. The words ring from the pages with the bold, sonorous clarity of Truth. The adorable illustrations of cherubic, hydrocephalic bulbous-eyed waifs […]

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A Right to Procreation

by  —  January 21, 2008

Doug and William have been busy in the desert southwest this past week performing interviews and doing further collections for the Process archive. So you, dear reader, are likely stuck with just my short article in this cycle. Here’s a thought experiment to do with a second person. Find someone who is remotely capable of […]

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What’s Wrong with Stereotypes?

by  —  January 14, 2008

During the few years in which i was at Sun, i worked with several talented people. One of which, Ρ, was a very Silicon-Valley-normal, very intelligent, software developer with a great work ethic; after a while, he had taken a job across the street at Apple and as he was preparing to leave, he stopped […]

Mental Robots

by  —  January 11, 2008

Listening to an audio recording of the event, I can not help but envision a room full of elderly, church-going women with purple hair piled high into “bee-hives”, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, faces rigid with sanctimonious concern; Their husbands, in button-down flannel shirts and broad ties, sitting uncomfortable with the night’s lackluster sobriety, trigger-fingers itchy for […]

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The Erosion of Quality

by  —  January 8, 2008

I spent the holiday week around xmas in New York City. It’s a great time of year to be in Manhattan as many of the locals have left the city and it’s relatively quiet. During this visit my partner decided we should attend the Metropolitan Opera’s showing of Verdi’s “Un Ballo in Maschera” which I […]

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