Administrivia, March 2010

by  —  March 10, 2010

Two items of note: The search functionality for the site has been fixed. Post and user ratings have been removed from the site; this became a rope for the tug and pull of popularity contests for the lazy. Comments will continue to remain open for the less lazy people seeking to engage in dialogue and […]

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Last Train to Transcendental

by  —  October 16, 2009

Here again we return to infinity (if it can be said possible to return to something which one can’t leave). If you hadn’t heard of it before: there are different types of infinity – different sizes of infinity. This area of mathematics has fascinated and fixated mathematicians for literally millennia, though perhaps one of the […]

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Imagining the World without You

by  —  October 11, 2009

There is a way to look at existence which involves the concept of light cones; at the very least it governs technically the ability we have to communicate, to exchange information, with one another. This is an optimization of how people can exchange voice, image and/or data, because we don’t simply exchange information at the […]

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… and Six Thousand Steps Back

by  —  May 17, 2009

The most recent act of scared-pigmy-ism in Texas is really wearing thinly upon me; it evokes feelings akin to what i feel due to those people who don’t really want to work, but would like to receive all sorts of benefits derived from the income tax system. So, in the category of “it only seems […]

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CFP: 2010 NSK Congress

by  —  May 3, 2009

This is a short notice to say that the first NSK Congress is being planned for a yet-to-be-finalized window in October 2010, taking place in a yet-to-be-finalized major city of Germany. If you have had interest in the NSK, feel that you’d like to participate in the Congress, and would be able to travel to, […]

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The Negative Mutation of Social Networks

by  —  February 20, 2009

One of the great things about the internet is that it brings people together. One of the unbelievably awful things about the internet is that it mates that ‘bringing together of people’ with the double curse of the average human: (1) the difficulty to discriminate in choice and (2) the propensity to hoard and believe […]

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Life on Planes

by  —  February 18, 2009

I spend some amount of time traveling by air; it’s never enough to satisfy me, but the time-and-space aspects of it always fill me with giddiness. Pondering those aspects gives an excellent opportunity to examine our place in the larger picture of space, for it’s not such a common event that a person can noticeably […]

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Myth as Asylum from Questioning

by  —  December 15, 2008

There is too much religious tolerance in the world today. This may read as nonsense given the seemingly endless stream of news items in which guy from faith A attempts to kill person from faith B and recent quasi-scrutiny of the belief system birthed by that science fiction author; if so, suspend your disbelief for […]

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