My Lie: A True Story of False Memory ~ an interview with author Meredith Maran

by  —  November 29, 2010

Eight years after accusing her father of having sexually abused her, Meredith Maran concluded that the allegation was untrue — a socially constructed false memory. As a committed feminist with a keen sense of justice, Maran’s zeal led her — as a journalist during the 1980s — to therapeutic sessions for incest survivors, reform sessions […]

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In Defense of Neil Brick, Psychotherapist

by  —  November 7, 2010

Having entered the hotel slightly after the opening speaker of S.M.A.R.T.’s twelfth annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations, and Mind-Control conference began, I was told by a large woman sitting behind the registration table that I would have to wait until I could be properly registered before entering.  I took a seat just outside the open […]

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