Love Sex Fear Death

by  —  May 4, 2009

I’ve just arrived in Langzhou China. I’ll be spending a week here and I’m glad to see hasn’t been blocked in this part of the world. As some of you know Doug and I have been slowly gearing up to create a full blown documentary on “The Process, Church of The Final Judgement”. As […]

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A Unique Invitation into a Subversive Conspiracy

by  —  January 5, 2008 cordially invites you, the esteemed reader, to share in a Conspiracy of Subversion. We want to hear your personal tales of lies, embezzlement, fraud, theft, malice, anomy, depredation, despoilation, iniquity and maleficence. We are looking for subversive, destructive, scofflaw employees. In the spirit of the following anecdote, we are soliciting you to post your […]

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