Reminiscent of 1692: A Modern Missouri Witch-hunt

by  —  February 28, 2012

The following article was submitted to by “J. Bean” – a false memory expert who has been closely following the Mohler cases and attending the hearings…. Western Missouri Condemns Without Trial By J. Bean (A Skeptic in Kansas City) March 2010 “[For law enforcement officers] the level of proof necessary for taking action on […]

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by  —  October 18, 2009

On a recent trip to mainland China I spent most of my time in a city called Hangzhou. The population of this beautiful city is somewhere around 3 million souls. A lot of Chinese people rely on the bicycle for transport as well as scooters. Chinese cities are very congested like their Euro counterparts so […]

Reading, Writing, Transcendent Levitation

by  —  April 6, 2009

Friday 3 April, 2009: David Lynch’s press conference is poorly managed and uninformative but well-planned enough – it seems – to achieve its intended effect. The attending Press are either convinced, or confused and cowed – by the PowerPoint presentation of statistical graphs and PhD presented data. Nobody seems capable of a sensible question by […]

Myth as Asylum from Questioning

by  —  December 15, 2008

There is too much religious tolerance in the world today. This may read as nonsense given the seemingly endless stream of news items in which guy from faith A attempts to kill person from faith B and recent quasi-scrutiny of the belief system birthed by that science fiction author; if so, suspend your disbelief for […]

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2009 Prediction: Extended Neighborhood Watch Nabs Criminals

by  —  December 8, 2008

Updated: 13.dec.2008; article appended The world population has a subset comprised of people who, for one reason or another, demonstrate an online desire to constructively expand and, at least in their view, build a better society around them; this phenomenon is repeatedly demonstrated through public knowledge repositories such as those backed by a wiki format. […]

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by  —  August 24, 2008

The following short story was written by Carole A. Travis-Henikoff, an independent scholar specializing in paleoanthropology.   Travis-Henikoff  began her literary career as a culinary writer .  Her current research explores death, dying, grieving, dreams and anomalous occurrences.  Travis-Henikoff’s recent book Dinner With a Cannibal has earned widespread critical acclaim.  Publisher’s Weekly gave the book a star, stating […]

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by  —  February 25, 2008

I didn’t recognise her voice, nor did I recognise the number on my caller ID, but she said my name with such enthusiastic familiarity that I felt compelled to match her tone. Some of my friends have proven easily insulted by my occasional failures of immediate voice recognition, and who but a friend would be […]

Mother’s Day

by  —  January 21, 2008

The small, thin, hard-bound edition is said to adorn the book shelves of such august luminaries as former president Jimmy Carter and C. Everett Koop. Reviewers gushed: “The probity of the author is unquestionable. The words ring from the pages with the bold, sonorous clarity of Truth. The adorable illustrations of cherubic, hydrocephalic bulbous-eyed waifs […]

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