Mother’s Day

by  —  January 21, 2008

The small, thin, hard-bound edition is said to adorn the book shelves of such august luminaries as former president Jimmy Carter and C. Everett Koop. Reviewers gushed: “The probity of the author is unquestionable. The words ring from the pages with the bold, sonorous clarity of Truth. The adorable illustrations of cherubic, hydrocephalic bulbous-eyed waifs are sure to warm even the hardest hearts.” I am referring, of course, to my famous Mother’s Day piece that is read aloud annually at the fire-sides and grace-giving dinner tables of millions of traditional families world-wide.

Though Mother’s Day is still many months away, I felt I would share the piece with all of you now, as Loki’s previous blog brought the topic to the fore of my mind.

May it nourish your souls the way it has so many others…

The Celebration of Motherhood

Today we celebrate motherhood. Today we honour the care-givers, and the breeders. We give thanks to the thoughtful conceivers, and the broken condoms; the magnanimous matrons, as well as the fatuous fertile; the responsible guardians, and the dissolute town-pumps. Today we smile benevolently and express our heartfelt gratitude to all of those who have put their maternal impulses to work, blessing the world with the greatest gift of all: The Miracle of Life.

This is not to be denigrated. But conception isn’t really a “miracle”, is it? Circumstances vary, but we all know how it happened. “Miracle” would imply some type of supernatural intervention; an unpredictable and unstoppable act of God. This is hardly an informed or responsible view of motherhood. Nor, unfortunately, are many mothers to be considered responsible or informed.

In fact, it has become plain to see that the least responsible and least informed are ever the most likely to become mothers…. again, and again.

Nonetheless, today we celebrate motherhood – all of motherhood – for motherhood’s sake, because motherhood is the most demanding, and potentially the most rewarding job in the whole world.

And yet, nobody applies for the job of motherhood, and no qualifications are asked of a would-be mother. One needs to demonstrate proper cognizance to scrub toilets or pick produce, but nobody is too simple to have a child. Motherhood may be the most important job a person could take, and yet nobody is too incompetent to be denied the task. And it’s a good thing, too – for who would decide who is fit to breed and who is not? Selective breeding of any kind is eugenics all over again, and anybody who even mutters that foul word must be ridiculed from discourse as neo-Nazi swine.

Only a fascist could be so vile as to suggest that the laws of heredity could be employed toward the betterment of the gene-pool or – disregarding any such lofty notions of “improvement” – cessation of the propagation of severe dysfunctions from retardations to psychopathy.

Anybody who would recommend that parents who are unable to afford housing, food, or clothing – or is otherwise incapable of caring for a child – should thus abstain from having children is nothing more than a megalomaniacal totalitarian. You have merely to point at her and say aloud, “Hitler!” and your argument is won.

Breeding restrictions are a slippery slope, and it is absolutely inevitable that if the rapist is sterilized, so too will be all non-Aryans. Consensus means nothing here, because in a democracy “all men are created equal” – except when applying for jobs, or being accepting into schools, or looking for a loan….

But breeding is different. You can’t stratify there. An alcoholic inbred could possibly produce the next Einstein, (Though, I suppose, the alcoholic would be unlikely to be an actual inbred. There are laws against inbreeding. Inbreeding is known to propagate genetic defects, but that’s where we need to draw the line, or it’s head first down that slippery slope.) and infertile couples should care nothing of the background details of their sperm donor.

(Some things mustn’t ever be regulated. When you think about it, it’s scary how one is forced into testing before one can acquire a driver’s license. Even after being administered a driver’s license, “the government” is at liberty to take it away if “they” deem us “unfit” to drive by their subjective standards. Soon we’ll require licenses to walk, and only blond-haired blue-eyed Aryans will have the privilege of unrestricted ambulation.)

It is disgraceful form to suggest that Evolution isn’t necessarily equal to improvement, or that the death of natural selection in the civilized world may have brought with it the side-effect of dysgenics, a deterioration of beneficial traits. Such thinking may lead us to believe that the gene pool has become stagnant and putrid, and the dregs have over-flowed to the surface. The argument would surely shift from whether or not abortion should or shouldn’t be legal, to whether it should – at times – be mandatory.

We must gallantly play intellectual blame games designed to avoid the question of stupidity. We must hold that educational standards have declined, while sociolinguists declare simplified, un-nuanced, catch-phrase-laden slang speech as no less legitimate than actual English. We must litter the world with signs warning of every possible danger to coddle the irresponsible.

Today we celebrate mothers while every other day we’re told we must “do it for the children”, because we know that they’ve been born with every disadvantage.

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  1. FatalTwilight January 22, 2008 3:37 pm

    *applauds* You’ve posted my thoughts Doug.

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