Dr. Colin A. Ross: Psychiatry, the Supernatural, and Malpractice Most Foul

by  —  February 8, 2010
“Q.  Okay.  Just to make sure I have covered the bases and the record is clear, there is no known, reliable method for distinguishing between true and false memories by talking to a patient?
A.  True, except for one little qualifier.  Obviously, physically impossible memories.  Setting that aside, no.
Q.  Something like having a memory of being born would be an example of a physically impossible memory?
A.  Right.
Q.  And, as you have stated, there are no valid and reliable scientific studies indicating or demonstrating that human beings are capable of repressing a long stream of trauma or dissociating or blocking out through traumatic amnesia, a long stream of events, then accurately recovering those memories years later?  There is no reliable demonstration of that particular phenomenon?
A.  There’s a couple of studies in the literature, but not sufficient to prove it.  There’s some data.”

Testimony of Dr. Colin Ross

“On or about April 30, 1992, [Dr. Colin] Ross told Ms. Tyo that she would have to leave Charter [hospital] in three weeks, but Ross acknowledged that at that point she might still be suicidal and might still want to mutilate herself.  Subsequent to that conversation, Ms. Tyo went through a period she describes as deep denial.  She denied she was MPD [Multiple Personality Disorder] or had participated in SRA [Satanic Ritual Abuse].  Ross and [Mary E.] Grundman, however, forced her out of her denial by assuring her that their diagnosis was, in fact, correct and the “memories” she’d recovered were true.”
Martha Ann Tyo v. Colin A. Ross, MD, et al… 

Dr. Colin Ross, demonstrating his supernatural eye beams

According to one expert witness, it was the worst case of medical malpractice he had ever seen.  The patient, Ms. Roma E. Hart, had been grossly over-medicated into a prolonged state of deranged confusion, during which time the offending psychiatrist, Dr. Colin A. Ross, had instilled her with exotic and perverse delusions:  To wit, the rather implausible belief that her family was involved in an occult crime-ring dedicated to a supernatural evil, and that Hart herself had been forcibly impregnated by extraterrestrials, birthing a hybrid infant (presumably in the course of a routine alien abduction).  The magnitude of Ms. Hart’s mistreatment during her submission to psychiatric “care” brought her to the precipice of death on several occasions.

During her treatment Ms. Hart gave custody of her 10 year old daughter over to Child & Family Services so as to preserve the girl from clutches of her Satanic cult family. Thus Ms. Hart lost her entire family in one egregiously misguided moment; her parents unable to forgive her for the accusations of sexual Satanic Ritual Abuse, her daughter heart-broken by abandonment.

As you will read in the interview with Ms. Hart below, these are but a few of the annoyances she suffered as result of Ross’s “therapy”.This bizarre malpractice by the hand of Dr. Colin Ross was designed to treat his unfortunate patient of the condition of Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD], a condition Ms. Hart now feels she never had, and many doctors argue doesn’t exist.  It is a condition that Dr. Ross himself has largely helped define and set the diagnostic and treatment protocols of.  The theory of MPD, unsupported by science, is that an individual undergoing trauma “dissociates”, recompartmentalizing the hurtful memories into separate “personalities”, personalities that are unaware of one another.Dr. Colin Ross’s delusions are hardly concealed.  He is a known conspiracy theorist who helped construct the Satanic cult hysteria of the eighties to mid-nineties.  He has written and lectured regarding nefarious mind-control projects within the CIA, and even – in an interesting case of possible projection – speculation regarding the “iatrogenic [clinically produced] creation of Multiple Personality Disorder” by CIA psychiatrists.  Following Dr. Ross’s own vernacular, it might be appropriate to suggest that Ross has “dissociated” his own crimes of medical mistreatment, projecting them upon a “personality” he refers to as “CIA”.

But Ross can not be dismissed as a marginal fool.  He is a well-respected and dangerous fool.  Indeed, Dr. Colin Ross is an “internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in the field of dissociation and trauma-related disorders”.  He is founder and President of the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma, which “specializes in the management of psychiatric treatment programs and is currently contracted to provide management and treatment services to Timberlawn Mental Health System, in Dallas, Texas, Forest View Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Del Amo Hospital, in Torrance, California.”  Ross is “the author of over 130 professional papers and past President of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation”, and acts as expert consultant for the Showtime television series The United States of Tara.  Dr. Ross has acted as therapist for celebrity Rosanne Barr (who now also believes she recovered memories of childhood abuse), and Cameron West, author of the New York Times bestselling First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple.

Like all conspiracy theorists, Ross seems to feel he has an understanding of the true cause of all Evil.  Likewise, MPD feeds Ross’s paranoid fiction as, not only a by-product of a sinister CIA plot, but as a medical condition that serves to explain and negate all others.  Roma Hart gives an example of this over-valuation of the MPD diagnosis by Ross in a personal email to the author:

[…]I was regularly in seclusion [whilst an in-patient of Colin Ross], a lovely concrete walled and floored hole where I was locked in for days at a time.  Sometimes [I would be] thrown in, and I’d have the huge bruises to show for it.  [The seclusion room] was often used for “behaviour modification”, I suppose.  You see, when I had seizures from the drugs [Ross had over-medicated],  Ross told the nurses that I was just switching personalities to one called “Blue” that had seizures, so they should throw me in seclusion whenever that happened. One evening when [the seizures were] really bad, Ross had the nurses take me down to the ward below and strip me before they dropped me onto the floor.  That [particular] seclusion room had a bad fluorescent light that flickered really badly.  I laid there until the next day when they put me in a wheelchair to take me back up to my other seclusion room.  Those nurses, as I told you before, followed Ross around like panting puppies and did anything he said. I remember when I had my blood pressure taken my nurse asked me if I knew why my blood pressure was so unstable. I was going to answer “the drugs?”, but before I could say anything she said, “it’s because each of your personalities has its own blood pressure.” And, of course, [there was] the time that I was nearly killed from an overdose on the ward and I barely made it to the nurse’s station, gasping for breath, (respiratory arrest) [trying to] get their attention. The nurses became angry at me and demanded that I go back to my room. I fell to the floor and crawled back to my room still struggling with every ounce of my strength for every breath.  This was extrememly frightening and I was so close to dying. I made it to my bed and the nurse took my blood pressure. She wrote it on my bed sheet as a matter of fact: 190/180. The following day after I regained consciousness another nurse came in and took my blood pressure: 60/50.  Well, she remarked, you MPD patients are fascinating. You see, Doug, Ross had told the staff that night that I had “pulled myself in” and that it was an “MPD coma”, not a real coma.

On the face of it, Roma Hart’s accusations appear absurd.  For this reason, the hyperlinks embedded in this article, showing corroborative sworn testimony and affidavits, are important.  Thus, Ms. Hart’s claim that Dr. Ross actually encouraged her toward suicide seems quite plausible when taken together with the sworn affidavit of Winnipeg resident George Bergen, who testifies that Ross’s therapy drove his sister-in-law and at least four others to suicide, and the statement of Martha Ann Tyo (who also sued Ross for malpractice) indicating an eerily blase attitude, on Ross’s part, toward the possibility of his client’s suicide (see quote from Tyo v. Ross above).  The fact that Martha Ann Tyo, a patient in Texas (Hart was treated in Manitoba), tells also of being implanted with a conviction of Satanic Ritual Abuse and alien abduction does much to affirm that these beliefs were a product of Ross’s mind rather than those of Tyo or Hart. So, though the documents cataloging Dr. Ross’s criminal incompetence are linked throughout, I shall – in the spirit of Ross’s own book, Bluebird, which seeks full-disclosure of CIA malpractice – list an index of some of the more important ones here:

  1. Affidavit of Roma E. Hart regarding Ross’s malpractice
  2. Sworn affidavit of George Bergen regarding suicide deaths in Dr. Ross’s care
  3. Martha AnnTyo v. Ross, et al.
  4. Testimony of Thomas Brown regarding Ross’s implantation of false memories in his wife.
  5. Sworn affidavit of Robert Alexander Cowan attesting that Ross was fired from a Winnipeg Hospital.
  6. Dr. Harold Merskey’s assessment of Dr. Colin Ross’s malpractice upon Roma Hart
  7. Petition of the British False Memory Society seeking indictment of Dr. Colin Ross for violations of the Nuremburg Code
  8. Dr. Alexander Bodkin’s assessment of Dr. Colin Ross’s malpractice upon Roma Hart
  9. Selected quotes of Dr. Colin A. Ross, suggesting a mind disturbed
  10. A list of Statutory Declarations attributing ruined lives to Dr. Ross’s clinical techniques

Interview with Ms. Roma E. Hart
by Douglas Mesner (Process.org)

How did you come to be in the care of the genius Dr. Ross?

Before I started seeing him, I was working constantly.  I was a single mom, I had two jobs, I was going to University full-time, and I had hurt my foot really, really badly.  So I got unemployment insurance, which only lasted a few weeks.  One of my friends said, Hey, you know what?  you can get it extended if you apply for stress.  I thought, cool, why don’t I do that?  Extra money, get my unemployment extended. So I was at University, went the the University Student Psych Centre, figured I could get them to fill out the form for unemployment insurance.  I saw one of the master’s students there, who was a student of Colin Ross’s.  She said, what do you do when you get under stress? I said, Well, I just switch to autopilot and just keep on going – I’m a single mom, after all. And she goes, Autopilot??  Do you have a name for this “autopilot”? Her eyes went so big, and she said, My professor Colin Ross is an expert in Multiple Personality Disorder[MPD] and I would just love to work with him.  I’ll bring you to him and he will fill out the form for you. So she put me in the car, drove me down to see Colin Ross, and it was just about 15 minutes before he shook my hand and welcomed me to MPD therapy.  Then I handed him the unemployment insurance form and said, fill this out for me please. And that was it.  I was doomed since.  That was it.

And how in that 15 minutes did he determine that you had MPD?

He had talked to that student councilor at the University of Manitoba – his student.  She had told him that I said that I switch to autopilot when I’m under stress.  He determined that she was absolutely correct, that [autopilot] was another personality.


But you and I know that [“running on autopilot” is] just something people have been saying for years.  It just means you just keep on going because you have to.  You just do without even thinking about it.  I had no idea that anybody would ever interpret that as another personality.  But I thought to myself, Well, what the heck – he’s going to fill out the form – what possible harm could come? I had no idea my life would be ruined after that.

To kind of work backward so people have an idea right from the get-go what we’re dealing with:  What are the permanent side-effects you deal with now from having been a victim – or patient – of Dr. Ross?

One of the the biggest problems I have is a permanent record in my medical file that lists me as ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’.  That comes to my face any time I go for any test, any time I have to go to the hospital for X-rays… you name it.  It’s right there.  I’m never taken seriously for anything at all.  It’s on a permanent record for Child & Family Services because Colin Ross decided that my child was interfering with my therapy, so she was put into foster care.  She was put into foster care and hidden from me and from my whole family from the time she was 10 years old to the time she was 18 years old.  She has completely lost her family.  I lost the most darling child.  I was a single mother.  She and I were so close.  It was like we breathed at the same time.  I lost my whole family.  My parents were teachers.  Because when you’re diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder, Colin Ross believes that 100% of the time, you have been sexually molested by your parents.  He told that to Child & Family Services.  My parents had to take early retirement from their teaching jobs.  My family hates me.  My parents were almost thrown in jail… And then, of course, there’s always [the fact that] I had to drop out of University.  My career was ended.  I lost my home.  I lost my friends.  I lost every cent I had… Then, of course, there’s the drug experiments that he did.  He did massive and illegal drug experiments on me in the hospital.  And I nearly died several times.  I was in comas, I was in wheelchairs.  I got down to like 55 pounds at 5 foot 5.  I was so, so sick.

Which Drugs?

The main one was Halcion, although he combined a whole bunch on top of each other just very recklessly. No regard for human safety whatsoever.  But Halcion: He had me up to 52 milligrams per day1
Four hundred times the maximum dosage. He explains that – he justifies that – in one of the court transcripts I sent you – it’s really quite appalling – he justifies that amount by saying that I was a drug-user.  He has told the hospital – Saint Boniface Hospital, where he treated me – that I was a heroin addict.  And of course, that is why he had to use so many massive amounts of drugs.  Now, I most certainly wasn’t [a drug-user].  Just a few weeks before I saw him, I got up at six o’clock in the morning and I spent all morning, until 12:30 at the University, because I was a full-time student.  Then I worked all afternoon until 6 o’clock at a daycare.  Then I went home and took care of my child.  On the weekends, I worked as a maid at Holiday Inn.  I had two jobs, was a full-time University student, and I had a child to take care of.  I had no time to be a heroin addict!  I was a Pentecostal Christian fundamentalist.  I didn’t drink, I didn’t smoke, I didn’t allow it in my home.  My brother and his wife were living with me.  They weren’t allowed to drink or smoke in the home.  And yet, Colin Ross says, I gave her all these drugs because she’s a heroin addict. What a crock!  But there it is, on my medical record.  And he keeps on saying that.

So you didn’t feel particularly mentally disturbed when you first went to see Colin Ross, but felt a definite worsening of your condition after therapy began?

The only thing that bothered me was my foot.  I just needed an extension of my unemployment insurance because my foot still hurt real badly, but the unemployment insurance had run out.  I thought, well this is really easy.  I’ll get it extended based on stress.  So when I saw Colin Ross, the only actual problem I had was a very sore foot that had been injured.  There was nothing wrong with me mentally.  I was definitely stressed, but that’s because I was still working a part-time job.  I was still going to University full-time, and I was still a single mother, and I had almost no money to live on.  So, that was why I was stressed.

So clearly you were an out-patient.  How often did you see [Dr. Colin Ross], and what was the “therapy” at that point?

I saw him twice a week for an hour to two hours.  It was hypnotherapy.  He made some tapes for me to listen to all day.  He had me do ‘dream-imaging’, where at the end of each session he’d ask me to think about whether certain things had happened to me.  My homework was to go home and dream about these things.  I’d come back the next session and say, I dreamed about those things, and this was what I was dreaming. And he would always say, Those dreams you had are actually flash-backs of real events in your life. So it proceeded very quickly into insanity.  So about two months after I started seeing him, I was committed into the hospital’s Psych Ward.

So then you were an in-patient at that point.

I was committed, I was forcefully given injections of drugs, yes.

And for how long were you an in-patient?

I was an in-patient for two weeks, and then I went back in-and-out, in-and-out for several years.

What was your drugs regimen at that point?

I was given antidepressants, I was given tranquilizers of various kinds.  At the end it was almost exclusively Halcion.  The last year I saw him, he switched me off of Halcion onto 320 milligrams of Valium per day2

And all the while he was telling you to recall your dreams as memories?

He would give me something to think about.  I had homework to do.  He would plant the thought in my head that this is what I was supposed to try to see if I could remember.  Of course I would dream about it, because what else are you going to do when you’re deep in therapy?  When somebody tells you to think about this, you’ll go home and you’ll dream about it, you come back and you say, I had this terrible nightmare about what you said.
Ah, well, that’s a flash-back.  It really did happen.
And I would say to him, I don’t remember that happening. The first time I saw him – the first visit, I told him – he asked, were you ever abused as a child? I was raised in the sixties by military parents, because my father was an aerial cartographer.  They were very strict.  I said, what do you mean by abuse?  I mean, they were strict, but they never abused me. I made it very clear to him that my parents never, at any time, ever sexually abused me, or anybody.  But he said it was normal to deny it.

So eventually you were made to come to agree that you had been sexually abused?

I was told by Colin Ross that I fit the description of somebody who was sexually abused… Even though I swore it never happened.  He said, you fit the description.  All people with MPD have been sexually abused [according to Colin Ross].

I know about Colin Ross.  He has written [several conspiracy theory books].  How specific was his story for you?  Did he develop a specific narrative for you that fit his conspiracy theory [and explained your supposed MPD]?

Oh, absolutely.  As I said, my father was in the military.  This was when I was a tiny little girl, he was in the Air Force.  And for Colin Ross, for anybody who’s ever been in the military, he just makes the immediate leap into CIA, for crying out loud.  He asked me if the words – what was it? – ‘beta’… ‘gamma’… and, um… ‘omega’, I think it was [meant anything to me].  Those three.  He said that children were put in to CIA experiments where they used goggles on [the children’s] eyes and hypnotized [them].  [The CIA programmed personalities] were either one of those: beta, omega, alpha, one of those.  One [of these designations programmed the child so that they] would commit suicide, one would be given the job to dispense disinformation, the other was […] an assassin.  I just thought ‘gamma’ sounds too stupid, ‘alpha’ sounds like alphabet soup, for crying out loud, I think I chose Omega, or something like that.  I chose the one that sounded the least stupid to me, because I was just trying to cooperate with him.  There was just no way you could argue with him.  He’d always just twist things around.  You couldn’t possibly argue with him.  He’d always just say that you fit the description, absolutely fit the description.  It has to be this.

So in his mind, you had to be Omega, or Gamma, etc.  You couldn’t be None of The Above?

No.  Not at all.  No.  He was very much involved in [the idea of] CIA mind-control nonsense.  And then he would give you jobs to do, homework to do at home.  You were supposed to close your eyes and you were supposed to visualize different parts of the city so that you could leave your body and travel around the city.  Then you’d come back for your next appointment and he’d say, So did you go anywhere?  Did you see anything for these out-of-body experiments he was putting you into?  I would say, I don’t think I did.  I don’t know. I tried the best I could.  You’d just try to please him so much because he just had this charisma, and you’d want to please this guy.  He was very affectionate with all of his patients.  He would give hugs, he’d rub your back and rub your legs.  In those days he was just so charismatic.  He was such a good-looking young psychiatrist.  All the nurses would just pander to him like puppies… So here we were: young women as MPD patients trying to please this handsome, young, charismatic guy who was giving [us] all of his affection.

So did he ever give any indication of where he was getting his ideas of government mind-control projects that were bringing patients in to him?

He never told me where he was getting that from.

But he seemed to have a pretty specific idea of what [he felt] was going on?

He told me that he was the only MPD expert in Canada.  That he knew more than anybody else.  That they didn’t understand him.

And eventually he denied having ever given you drugs at all?

Yes, he did!  One of the last times I saw him, I asked, Why did you give me all those drugs?  And he looked at me, and he said with a straight face, I never gave you any drugs.  I lived about a mile away from the hospital where I walked all the way home thinking, I must be so crazy, so completely delusional.  Why would I think this if he never did [it]? I got to the drug store, and I went up to the pharmacist and I said, I know this is going to sound weird, but could you tell me if I’ve ever been given any drugs? He looked at me, because he recognized me, of course, and he said, I’ll print off some pages for you. He printed off reams and reams of pages for me.  Oh my goodness.

Why did he deny it?

I think he’d have to because it was – when I talked to a police officer a year later [he told me] – what [Colin Ross] did was criminal.  The amount of drugs Ross gave me was criminal.  [The officer] said if they could bring him into court they would charge him with administering noxious substances and endangering my life.  I never could get him into court though.

And you have long-term effects from the addiction?

I did have – I talked to Peter Breggin about that – I suffered with Halcion withdrawal, really seriously bad Halcion withdrawal for 10 years.  My family doctor, the neurologist, they’d all say, That’s impossible.  You can’t be suffering from withdrawal for that long.  It only lasts two weeks.  And then Peter Breggin gave me a copy of his Prolonged Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome paper that he sent to the AMA.  It’s not as bad now as it was before.  This has been like 20 years.  Most of it is gone.  There is some side-effects: Loss of memory, loss of concentration, and if I get really tired I’ll start having seizures again.  And I do have fibromyalgia as a result of an accident: falling on the ice when I went to pick up my daily prescriptions.  The Pharmacist wouldn’t let me have more than 320 milligrams of Valium per day.  He wouldn’t do that.  I had to go all the way to the pharmacy, walk over there to pick up one day’s prescription at a time.  It was very icy.  Up here in Winnipeg, it’s very icy.  I started having a seizure, and I fell on the ice, and I injured myself very badly.  I had to have several operations and I have fibromyalgia – constant pain for that.  One of the problems I have is I have a morbid fear of drugs now.  Just a horrible, morbid fear of drugs, so while the pain clinics and my family doctor want to give all sorts of pain medication, I won’t take it.  I’m just too afraid.  So I’m just going to be living in terrible constant pain for the rest of my life.

I was looking at the affidavit you submitted to The Queen’s Bench – as it’s called in Canada – and it mentioned a…  sexual assault… in the hospital…

Yes.  Isn’t that disgusting?  I think I already mentioned that he did illegal medical experiments on me.  He likes to do experiments, this guy.  He likes to do research.  Well, he knew.  He knew darn well that he was admitting into the hospital a dangerous sexual offender.  He knew who that man was because he came to me and told me, after I had been sexually assaulted… It was Christmas, and, um, I’d gone to a funeral.  I came back from the funeral, and I was terribly upset because my child’s father had died.  I couldn’t go to sleep, so I just sorted magazines just to calm myself down.  Everyone on the ward was a woman.  That ward was totally women, except for that evening, while I was at the funeral, Colin Ross admitted this sexual predator – offender – onto the ward.  He didn’t tell the nurses.  Didn’t tell the Hospital.  Didn’t tell me, that’s for sure.  I came in from the funeral   and I was sexually assaulted on the ward.  The next morning, Colin Ross says, Oh, I’m so sorry. Yes, I have 5 video tapes of this guy, and all the information about his sexual offenses. He said, But I never thought he’d do that in the hospital.  I didn’t think he would.  [note: Following the interview Ms. Hart would amend this statement to say that Ross, in fact, did not apologize – rather, he told her that he believed her when she reported she had been assaulted]

…Well, I just – I’m claiming.  This is just my claim [speculation].  I’m claiming that this was an experiment. Let’s just put this sexual offender on a ward of totally female [inhabitants], not tell them anything, and see what happens.  Well, I’ll tell you what happens: He sexually assaulted me!

And I went to the press after that, when Colin Ross left my room.  I phoned the police and I phoned the newspaper, and then they contacted the hospital.  Later – it was a couple days later – there was a front page news article about it.  President of the hospital confirmed that Yes, the man was prone to sexual assault, yes he was a dangerous offender.  Yes, that was all true. And Colin Ross came in [my room].  He was furious.  He was absolutely livid.  He was just beat red.  He came into my room and he yelled at me and said, Get the Hell out of here! But, you see, I was on such high levels of Halcion that if he had thrown me out that day, I would have died.  So, he had to take me off just enough so that I could get down to 320 milligrams of Valium instead.  And then I was kicked out of the hospital.  On my own… Just to see if I’d live or die…

With no referral to go elsewhere?

Oh, no.  Not at all.

And as I recall, it took you a while to find a psychiatric assessment after that.

After he [Colin Ross] left Winnipeg, I tried, and no one would take me on as a patient because – apparently… I did go into the hospital to have a cardiac test done.  When I was in the room with the cardiologist, he took my medical files on his desk – like a foot high – turned them around to face me so that I caould see them.  Then he left the room for about 10 minutes.  So I thought, Well, okay – just out of curiosity. I looked at the top paper, just at the top of the pile, and it was a letter from Colin Ross warning everyone not to treat me.  I have copies of all my medical records, but I don’t have that paper.  When I had all my medical records copied from the hospital, I paid about $700 dollars for all the papers, all the transcripts.  They wouldn’t copy that one.  I know it exists, because a cardiologist turned around so I could see it.   So, no, I couldn’t get anybody to help me.  And then after [Colin Ross] left, down to Dallas, and I filed a lawsuit against him, no one would see me at all.  So I went to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, talked to Pope, the guy in charge there.  He said he couldn’t force anybody to see me.  So I went to my family doctor who contacted the Minister of Health, Chomiak.  Now Chomiak arranged for me to go to London Ontario, because there was a psychiatrist out there who had formally debated Colin Ross – Known all about him.  And he had agreed to do a psychiatric assessment for me.  So I did have to get politicians involved, and there were arguments, during question period, on the floor to get me this kind of psychiatric assessment.  That’s how difficult it was to have done.

And it was Harold Merskey who did see you after that, right?

Dr. Harold Merskey.  That’s right.

You decided to file suit against Colin Ross after he left for Texas?

That’s right.

So what compelled him to leave for Texas?  I was looking at some of his [court] transcripts and I had fallen under the impression that it was a malpractice suit that had compelled him to leave for Texas when he did.

I sent you a copy of a Winnipeg Free Press article.  In that Winnipeg Free Press article – this was 1991.  It says that there was quite a lot of hostility against Colin Ross.  The doctors in this city hated Colin Ross.  There’s this one time when I came out of one of my comas in the Victoria hospital.  Colin Ross worked at the St. Boniface hospital.  He wasn’t allowed to work at the Victoria hospital.  I was up in the ward and Colin Ross stopped by to visit me.  The doctor who was taking care of me came in and that was the first time in my life I ever heard two doctors yelling at each other out in the hall.  He just wanted Colin Ross to leave, and drop off the face of the Earth.  He was so angry.  There’s a lot of doctors who just can’t stand him up here.  They’re embarassed to say they even know who he is.

And that’s what compelled him to leave for Texas?

Yes.  Because he couldn’t get any funding.  Now, the Grey Nuns owned the St. Boniface Hospital.  Sister Jean Ell is a Psychologist, and she’d done a psychological assessment of Dr. Colin Ross – there were an awful lot of complaints – and she told the board at St. Boniface Hospital that it was her opinion that he should be let go, but that they told her – the board at the Hospital – that he was bringing in a lot of research money.  So, in spite of everything – they agreed he was crazy – he was bringing in so much money.  It was only after the research grants dried up and he couldn’t get any more money, that’s when they told him to get out.  And that’s when he left.

And he still seems a bit crazy… to say the least.  In a personal correspondence with James Randi, Randi tells me about Colin Ross’s eye beams, and how they were set to experiment this to either prove or disprove [Colin Ross’s assertion that he can project energy from his eyes].  Colin Ross backed out [of the experiment], said he’d get back to Randi, but never did.  So maybe he has sense enough to back out of such an experiment, but to have made the claim [that he could produce eye beams] at all – you really have to wonder –

He has such a big ego though.  He doesn’t say that he’s wrong.  He just says that he needs to adjust his test for whatever the problem is.  He doesn’t admit he’s wrong.

Dr. Colin Ross, heating a burrito with his eye beams - by Alethea Jones

Right… Right.  And he would never retract his MPD diagnosis of you.

Never!  Never!  He won’t retract it.  The Hospital – St. Boniface Hospital… The president, Dr. [Michel] Tetreault, wrote me a letter last year explaining that the hospital no longer endorses that, that diagnosis.  So nobody would be diagnosed with that [MPD] today.  But because Colin Ross won’t retract that diagnosis, they won’t take it off [my records].

I Don’t understand why it would have to be Colin Ross who would do so.

Because it has to be the doctor that was treating you at the time that you were diagnosed.

That seems like a bit of an insane policy itself…

Well, Dr. Harold Merskey, who certainly believes that I’ve never had MPD, ever – he certainly explains that in his psychiatric assessment [of me] – what he wrote [in my psychiatric assessment] is that my [request] to have Multiple Personality Disorder removed should be granted.  And that was the best he could do, because that’s just the way hospitals work.  It has to be the doctor who treated you, the doctor who diagnosed you, that’s the one who has to take the diagnosis off.

There was a point also where you went into Emergency in the same hospital you were receiving psychiatric care in, and they remanded you back to psychiatric.  How did that happen?

This is when I was just a few days away from dying.  I was so terribly sick.  My blood pressure was down to 50 over 40, and there’s a walk-in clinic just across the parking lot from the psychiatric center that is at the St. Boniface Hospital.  Dr. Colin Ross wouldn’t allow me to see any doctors – the residents, the students that would come to the ward.  He wouldn’t let anybody see me, and he told the nurses to ignore me.  But I had passes.  I was allowed to leave.  So I almost crawled.  Part of the way, I did.  I crawled to the walk-in clinic and I saw a doctor there who told me, You need to go to emergency right away. I told him, I’m already in the hospital.  So he contacted the nurses on the floor, he sent me back, and half-way across the parking lot, a doctor stopped his car, put me in his car, and drove me up to the ward.  Colin Ross still refused to let the nurses treat me.  So I called the walk-in clinic doctor and I said, You know, you called over here, and the nurses won’t help me.  So he had to call Dr. Colin Ross himself.  Otherwise I would have died.

Did Colin Ross encourage you to take action against your parents under the assumption that they sexually abused you?

Yes.  When I was at my most insane, under the most drugs, he encouraged me to get a rifle and go up and shoot them. He also encouraged me to kill myself constantly, saying it would be quite understandable.  He would phone me late at night – and he did that to other patients too, because there was an MPD support group, and we’d all talk to each other and visit each other – he’d send us home with lethal amounts of drugs, phone us up at night, and encourage us to kill ourselves.  One of the reasons I figure he did that was because he had this interest in the ‘white-light’ Near Death Experience.  So after we’d come out of comas, or what-not, from drug over-doses, the first thing he’d ask us was, Well, did you see the light? That’s all he was interested in.  Some of the other women died though.  But he really didn’t care about that.  He just said it was fate.

Some of the patients did die?

Yes.  12 of them.

12 of them?!

12 of them died in Dallas, too.

I did not know that.

Yes. Laura Pasley used to work for the police department, she also sued him down there… no, she sued one of his colleagues.  But she was in the police department, and she said, yes, it was the same number that died down there too.

Well, beside encouraging you to shoot [your parents], did [Colin Ross] encourage you to take legal action?

Absolutely.  Oh. yes.  He also wanted me to sue one of my old family doctors from when I was a child who was the Governor General of Manitoba at the time… George Johnson3 , the Governor General who was a friend of my parents, because Colin Ross told me that he had other patients who claimed that the Governor General had sexually assaulted them when they were children.  And [Colin Ross] said, You really ought to sue.  I’ll help you.  And I said, I will if somebody else will.  Nobody else would, so George Johnson fortunately got away with not having to be dragged through the court system, the poor guy.

Did [Colin Ross] just have a grudge against George Johnson?

Yes.  Governor General.  I guess [George Johnson] just wasn’t helpful with the research grants.

Well… I guess you have that latitude [to falsely accuse your enemies] when you’re the Witch-Hunter General.

Sure.  You don’t want to make Colin Ross mad at you.

I think that’s inevitable for me pretty soon.

(Laughs) Okay.

So – your malpractice proceedings: You didn’t end up even getting a settlement, did you?

No.  Because I am on welfare disability, the only money I could raise for lawyers was just through begging people that I was given contact numbers for.  [I would be told] This lawyer hates [Colin Ross], this doctor hates him.  And this other man – his daughter died under Colin Ross’s care, and he helped me with some money too.  So I did manage to drag it through the system for 11 years with 4 different lawyers.  But, because my second to last lawyer did such an atrociously bad job – and he admitted to his negligence to the Law Society – it was dismissed due to delay.  And then Colin Ross’s lawyer managed to have the costs awarded against me.  So I owed Colin Ross something like 100 to 200 thousand dollars – something astronomical.  So I had to appeal that.  So I had to raise another 5 thousand dollars to appeal that, and then the Law Society threw in another 20 to 30 thousand dollars to pay the lawyer to help me appeal that, so I would have the costs removed.  And that was Judge Sinclair’s order that I sent down to you.  It says that, reason for dismissal due to delay, fault of my counsel.  And the costs were taken off.  I didn’t have to pay the costs.

I didn’t get too good of a chance to look over the [courtroom] transcripts [of a different suit brought against Dr. Colin Ross] you sent me today, but [from what I see, during the trial] somebody from an outside jurisdiction was saying that these charges brought against Colin Ross would certainly have his medical license removed.  I wasn’t sure what case that was.  There were several pages missing.

That was Elizabeth Carlson.  She sued.  It was a 12 week trial in Minnesota.  She was the first to sue in any type of case like this.  And that was Christopher Barden.  Christopher Barden has his doctorate in Psychology, and he has a Law degree from Harvard.  He was the one who said that.  He read all of my hospital records.  The doctor who was an expert witness, Bodkin,sent the affidavit that said that it was grossly inappropriate the amount of drugs that Colin Ross had given me.  It’s just amazing.  It’s just amazing that he wasn’t charged.  It was very odd the way the police said it.  They said they wouldn’t charge him criminally until after the civil suit.  I don’t understand that at all.  I would just think that if someone would do a crime like that, they would just charge them.  But they said they wouldn’t do it until after the civil suit.

I saw somewhere – I believe it was online, and not one of the documents that you sent me – that you were at a proceeding saying that your case [against Colin Ross] had carried on 8 years as you were trying to extend the Statute of Limitations in your case due to your [previous] lawyer’s incompetence.

I went 4 months over the Statute of Limitations.

Is there still hope for you getting any satisfaction out of this.

None.  No.  All I can do is spend the rest of my natural life hounding him as much as I can, so I can expose him for the fraud that he is, and hopefully save the lives of as many people as I can.

I was going to ask you about that.  How do you feel about those documents [relating to your malpractice proceedings against Dr. Colin Ross] being posted publicly?

I’d put them on a billboard.  I don’t care.  I don’t want him to think that I’m ashamed of what happened, because I wasn’t responsible.  I was under an immense amount of hypnosis and drugs.  He is responsible.  I have no shame.  It seems so silly to say.  I am not going to be blackmailed into being quiet, or anything.  This is what he did, and he should be held accountable.  And he is just such a lying dog, I can’t stand it.  So, I make sure everybody knows what happened.  My lawsuit was never completed, unfortunately, but my hospital records still exist, and they’ve been used in other lawsuits for other people to have successful outcomes.

I’ve talked to a few other recovered memory detractors who seemed to feel a sense of loss from leaving their support group [of MPD patients or Ritual Abuse survivors].  It sounds like you dealt mostly with Colin Ross, or did you have anything like a support group that talked about experiences with Satanic Ritual Abuse, or whatever conspiracy theory was being held onto?

He set us all up in an MPD support group called the MPDers, and he tried to get us registered as a charity so we could go and raise money for him.

That’s inventive!

We were supposed to approach businesses, and he told us which ones – nice big ones – and we were supposed to approach businesses to raise money for his research.  And he was going to have us registered as a charity.  So that’s what his MPD patients were doing for him.

And what exactly did he say his research was?

Multiple Personality Disorder and [that research into alleged] mind control experiments with the CIA – and Satanic Ritual Abuse, for crying out loud!  He explained this to me the first month I started seeing him.  There was a sign above the planetarium, and I saw it on my way to see him.  It was the silliest thing.  It was going toward Christmas and they were talking about the star of [Bethlehem], and that made [Colin Ross] start commenting about aliens.  The star [of Bethlehem, according to Colin Ross] wasn’t really the star of Jesus – it was an alien ship that they were really seeing.  So then he explained that lots of people had been abducted by aliens, and that women had been abducted by aliens and impregnated by aliens, and they have these alien babies.  Now, I think I already said to you that at that time when I started seeing him I was a Pentecostal Christian Fundamentalist.  I belonged to Church, was a Sunday School teacher.  All I could think was, How horrible!  How could God let that happen?  And what about the baby?  Would it have a soul? So, in my mind, I was horrified.  Completely horrified.  I wouldn’t even talk about it.  I couldn’t even talk about it.  I just didn’t want to talk with anyone.  But then, a few years later – I think it was 1990, somewhere around then – he came up from a conference in Chicago.  He’d seen [infamous MPD therapist] Bennett Braun and the International Association of Dissociation and MPD, and that.  He came in the hospital to see me and he said, Oh, I have great news for you! He was so excited, so happy and bubbly.  I looked at him and thought, Good.  Great news.  What is it? And he said, You know that baby that you had?  The half alien baby?  It didn’t die! Thinking that it had died was [according to Colin Ross] the only way that I could resolve it in my mind, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the soul.  So he thought for me, telling me that it didn’t die was going to be some good news.  I looked at him absolutely horrified.  I said, What are you talking about? At the conference he’d just been to, it had explained why all of the Satanic Ritual Abuse cases that they’d always talk about, where women give birth to these babies and they kill the babies – but nobody can ever find the bodies of these babies – [the conference Colin Ross attended explained that] the reason they can’t find the bodies of these babies is because the bodies of these babies are beamed up into spaceships, and they’re raised in the spaceships until they’re 18 years old.  Then they’re beamed back down to earth and given jobs with the CIA.  This is all to form a New World, and all that.  So it’s really the aliens who are impregnating the women, while they’re CIA mind-controlled, and then they give birth at Satanic rituals.  It’s a big circular thing.  It’s the craziest circular thing I ever heard in my life.  But I was horrified.  I burst into tears.  I couldn’t believe he just told me that my alien baby was alive.  But he was so confused.  He didn’t know why I wasn’t happy.

I’m horrified now! I went to a conferenceof self-proclaimed – or therapeutically proclaimed – victimsof Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind-Control, and I wrote a report about that, I don’t know whether you read it or not – oh, no, you did.  You quoted from it [on James Randi’s website].  That’s right.  When I argued with [the attendees and organizer of the conference] that recovered memories bring about tales of alien abduction, despite the crazy shit these people were [otherwise] saying, they were mortified by that comparison.  But Dr. Colin Ross goes the limit.  He believes it all.

In the transcripts from the Minnesota trial – there’s only a couple pages that I sent you today – Dr. Humenansky, she gives sworn testimony that Colin Ross told her that there’s a connection between the CIA and Satanists and Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Well, he kind of denies it, doesn’t he?  There’s pages missing after they bring up the issue, but it sounded like he was going to backtrack on that in the court of law.

He’ll deny everything to his dying breath if he thinks there’s a court reporter around.

But he has put out books and done conferences where he’s pretty open about [his delusions].  It’s amazing to me that he’s still taken seriously.  I’m sure you realize that he’s written the foundational papers, really.  Him and Richard Kluft, and a few others, really defined Multiple Personality Disorder, and its treatment.  And, In fact, it was Richard Kluft and Colin Ross who were the two doctors consulted as experts for the formation of the storyline for [the Showtime series] The United States of Tara.  The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation had them on a panel to discuss The United States of Tara just last year [at their annual conference].  So the whole movement [of therapists who hold to the myth of multiple personalities] still rallies around this fool.

Absolutely.  And they think he’s so special.  In his book Bluebird, he gets all these CIA documents and he puts them in the back.  He thinks he’s so special that he can get those documents.  You know, anybody could get those documents [through the Freedom of Information Act].  Anybody could.  There’s nothing special about him.  He’s just a shameless self-promoter, really.

It’s easily pointed out that just because there are secrets in the case of International Security, or whatever, it doesn’t give Colin Ross a carte blanch to decide what those secrets are or exactly how they work.

This is what Dr. Richard Ofshe from Berkley told me back in 1994: If – and it’s not true of course, but if – everything Colin said [regarding his conspiracy theories] was true, it would still not excuse anything that he did to me.  What he did to me was the worst case of medical malpractice that he had seen.  Really, he can’t excuse what he did by saying, Well look over here, look what they did in the CIA.  Well, what they did in the CIA is the same thing [Colin Ross] does.  All the experiments, all the drugs, all the hypnosis, mind-control.  All the things that he says look at what the CIA did [about], they’re the very same things he did!

I do find it funny that he actually wrote an article about the iatrogenic creation of Multiple Personality Disorder within the CIA, and I also see articles by people like Corydon Hammond, who was trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, talking about how not to lead people to believe things that are not true.  They seem to be doing just the opposite, or exactly what they describe or proscribe to other people doing.

The tapes he had me listen to – he made me hypnosis tapes – I’m walking around the University listening to these hypnosis tapes, and I’m taking thesedrugs, and of course I couldn’t complete my courses, I had to drop out.  And it just made me completely crazy, all this mind-control, all day long, all night long, this constant mind-control.  The constant visits to his office.  It was just ridiculous. That is mind-control.

…And the drugs, and the hypnotherapy.

I don’t know how he got away with the amount of the drugs he used.  He claimed it was okay, because I had questioned him about that.  I said, Are you sure this is safe?  I wasn’t completely stupid, I wanted to be sure it was safe.  He said, Oh, yes, yes, it’s perfectly safe.  Now, I’ve learned since then that he’s said the same thing to other patients: Oh, yeah, sure, it’s all safe, I checked it out.  Very same words to them.  But then I find out later, no, it was never checked out, no one ever approved it, no one ever did this before.  It was never safe.  He was just lying.  So any consent he ever got from anybody for any drugs he gave them was never informed consent.  So he’s violated the Nuremburg Code.  He’s violated the Nuremburg Code automatically by not getting informed consent, by doing illegal medical experiments on people with no informed consent.

So I’m still having trouble understanding what was it he believed was the therapeutic part of this?  You had your drugs, and you had your ‘homework’ to remember things, but what then?  What, after remembering it?  Where was the effort to try and bring you back into unity with your ‘core self’, or your ‘real personality’, or whatever is they call it in the vernacular [of Multiple Personality Disorder]?

There was no desire to help anybody.  There was only a desire to see how far you could get away with doing whatever you wanted to do.  It was treating us like white rats.  Some of the patients died.  With me, I got so completely insane, because of him.  So he had tried to have me locked up in a permanent psychiatric ward outside the city limits.  And that’s where you go when you’re like criminally insane.  He had tried to do that, but they wouldn’t take me.

How did you come to the False Memory Syndrome Foundation [FMSF]?

I was listening to the radio, and I heard that there were a couple of support group members on the radio, and they were talking about False Memory Syndrome.  It just sounded so much like what I had.  This was about a year after Colin Ross left, so… 1992.  Two years after he had left.  FMS wasn’t even formed as an idea of a syndrome until 1992, there were no support groups until 1993.  So it was ’93 when I heard the radio program.  By the time that I’d found lawyers and doctors who could explain it to me, it was four months after the statute of limitations had expired.  So it took that long for me to understand that this was what was wrong, that this was what happened to me.

It sounds like you had a falling-out with Colin Ross before you had a chance to revise your thinking about what had actually happened to you.  What was the process there?  How did you come back to reality?  What were you thinking?

I had lost my child to Child & Family Service issues – put in foster care and hidden away from me.  Hidden away from her whole family, because Colin Ross had told them our whole family was involved in satanic ritual cults, killing children.  And my parents were supposedly high priests of this murderous satanic cult.  So CFS was hiding her from the whole family.  I was desperately trying to get her back.  I was doing everything I possibly could.  I went back to University, I tried to ween myself back off of drugs.  I told Colin Ross that other doctors had told me that I was addicted to the drug he was giving me, Halcion.  He said, No.  It’s impossible.  Can’t be addicted to Halcion. I tried to get off Halcion, tried to get off Valium, best I could, all by myself without any help.  And I had a court case coming up, and I didn’t want to be under care.  I just wanted to go to court looking as fit as I possibly could.  So I told Colin Ross that I couldn’t continue with the MPD therapy because I was fighting a custody battle, and the MPD therapy was making me too sick to fight my custody battle.  And he agreed with me!  That’s basically how it came to an end:  He agreed the therapy was making me too sick to fight for my child.  He was fed up with me as a patient anyway.  I was causing him nothing but trouble.((Note: After Ross’s infuriated reply to Roma Hart’s making public her sexual assault in St. Boniface Hospital while in his care, Hart was discharged from the hospital, but continued to see Ross on an out-patient basis. It was later that Ms. Hart sought to end her MPD therapy, and Ross, leaving Manitoba, failed to refer her elsewhere for psychiatric evaluation. This should clear up confusion that might be caused by what might otherwise sound like more than one permanent break made from Ross by Roma Hart.))

So you didn’t come to a sudden realization that all this about Satanism and alien abduction was crap?  You kind of always had that feeling in the background to begin with?

Well, I had read a magazine article where a woman said she thought she was MPD but really wasn’t, it wasn’t true.  I thought, Hmm, I wonder.  I read it and threw it away.  It wasn’t something I was using as evidence.  You know, I don’t still have it.  I read it and threw it away.  So there was that little thought in my mind.  But I was still worried my parents were going to kill me.  I was still quite certain that they belonged to a satanic cult, and they were going to murder me.  So I wasn’t out of the grip of this nonsense still.  I was still very fearful.  When I was sitting in my living room, in the apartment I had downtown, if lights flashed from the traffic, and they would flash on the windows, my heart would jump because I would think it was an alien spaceship or something.  I was still completely, totally crazy.  But there was still that one ‘maybe’.  So I would go back and forth thinking, Am I?  Am I not?  Am I crazy?  Am I delusional? I was very confused.  So desperately confused.

But you eventually grew more skeptical of those claims.  Was it a slow process, or a realization?

In 1993 when I heard that radio program with the FMS support group – I contacted them, and they gave me a bunch of stuff to read.  I put it on top of my microwave.  I probably had a foot-high pile of stuff on my microwave.  I never read it.  I just put it in a pile, and I would never read it, because I was not quite sure that they weren’t a part of the satanic cult or not.  I didn’t know what was true and what was not true.  I was open-minded, but I was scared.  I was very scared.  Scared of my own shadow.

Now you work with [the FMSF], don’t you?

I do.  I do.  One of the few retractors that they have there.  Think they’ve got, maybe, a few hundred retractors.  So I’m open to anybody who’s been falsely accused, or wants to retract, or is interested at all.  I’m open to talk to anybody who wants to talk about it.
  1. “The recommended dose for most adults is 0.25 milligrams (mg). In some patients, a lower dose may be prescribed and the maximum daily dose should not exceed 0.5 mg.” – From the Physician’s Desk Reference [PDR] online (http://www.pdrhealth.com/drugs/rx/rx-mono.aspx?contentFileName=Hal1192.html&contentName=Halcion&contentId=265 []
  2. “The usual dose, depending upon severity of symptoms, is 2 milligrams to 10 milligrams 2 to 4 times daily.” –http://www.drugs.com/pdr/valium.html . []
  3. Correction: Dr. George Johnson wasLieutenant Governor of Manitoba, not Governor General []

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  1. Emma February 9, 2010 10:44 am

    The audio interview is terrific, doug. Excellent job.

  2. colin ross February 18, 2010 9:23 am

    Doug – I would like to encourage you to investigate these allegations against me with the same skepticism and rules of evidence that you would bring to bear on a claim of the supernatural or the paranormal, or a conspiracy theory. The allegation is that the Government of Manitoba, the University of Manitoba, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba and St. Boniface Hospital conspired to cover up malpractice by me and my being fired. There are numerous inaccuracies in the allegations that are disproven by my published writings and the documents. The complaints against me were reviewed in great detail including the entire medical record and dismissed by the Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners (twice) and the Manitoba courts. My 1989 text on Multiple Personality Disorder contains no mention of cults, Satanism or the CIA, nor do any published writings prior to my 1995 book Satanic Ritual Abuse, published by the University of Toronto Press. I have also published books with John Wiley & Sons and Haworth Press plus 140 peer-reviewed papers including a series of papers in the American Journal of Psychiatry. My book on CIA mind control experiments, republished as The C.I.A. Doctors in 2006 is based entirely on documents – nothing in it is undocumented and it is thoroughly referenced. These facts alone are inconsistent with the portrait of me being painted in your postings.
    Concerning George Bergen, whose lawsuit was dismissed, I never met or treated him or any of his relatives. His relative who committed suicide did so in 1986 – I finished my residency in 1985 and had never heard of Satanic ritual abuse by 1986. She was treated at a University of Manitoba clinic ten miles away from the hospital where I worked and I never had any contact with that clinic. George Bergen’s wife did not begin treatment for alcoholism until 1993 according to his own documents – I left Canada in 1991. She divorced him subsequent to my leaving Canada according to his documents. It is not plausible that I had an extensive influence on the clinical practice of people I had never met within one year of finishing my residency, especially when I never published a word on cults by that time.
    You should look up the paper by Alexander Bodkin in which he gave 80 mg of lorazepam per day to his patients – I can give you the reference if you can’t find it. My high-dose benzodiazepine protocol was approved by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee at St. Boniface Hospital before it was ever used. I can also supply you a list of references on ultra-high dose psychopharmacology which was widely used in the 1980s – including doses of chlorpromazine up to 24,000 mg per day.
    In 1995 I organized and conducted a workshop in Houston with Pamela Freyd (Director of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation) and Elizabeth Loftus wrote an Afterword to my Satanic Ritual Abuse book – I also organized talks by the two of us. The book contains a long set of explanations for SRA other than it being objectively real and the treatment approach is based on therapeutic neutrality – it and my CIA Doctors book can be purchased from amazon (I never heard of CIA mind control experiments until I moved to Texas in 1991). All my papers and books are listed on my web page.
    This is just a sample of the facts not consistent with the allegations. I have published scholarly responses to Merskey and others in my 1997 text Dissociative Identity Disorder and most recently in the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.
    If you were told that the James Randi Foundation was conspiring with the US Government and several other bodies to cover up the reality of the paranormal, and if this allegation was made by someone whose lawsuit against James Randi had been dismissed by the courts, would you accept affidavits from psychics as “evidence”? Would you require more than rumors to even entertain the possibility that the allegations might be partially accurate? I think so.
    I am requesting that you apply the same standards of evidence and logic to your comments on me and the allegations against me.
    Concerning my JREF Paranormal Challenge (www.randi.org) my revised protocol submitted a year ago is posted on my web page at http://www.rossinst.com. I am still waiting for a response to it. Researchers at the University of Surrey have published a series of papers in which they take an EKG using a high-impedance electrode that is three feet away from the person. In the future, I imagine, such wireless scanning of electromagnetic output from the brain, heart and body as a whole will be a standard procedure in medicine. My challenge is based on the same scientific principle, except that my high-impedance electrode, which makes no physical contact with the body, detects brainwaves emitted through the eye – since brainwaves are emitted through the skull, they obviously must also come out through the eye socket. The reason the JREF accepted my challenge as a claim of the paranormal is that extramission (emission of any form of energy through the eyes) is disallowed by western science and is therefore “paranormal” – the intellectual point of the challenge is to prove that this doctrine is scientifically mistaken. JREF rules state that once a challenge has been accepted, which mine has, a later explanation of a scientific mehanism by which the challenge works will not invalidate the challenge. However, if I published a series of papers in the scientific literature (which I intent to do in the future) and they were replicated and the reality of extramission was accepted scientifically, then extramission would no longer be “paranormal” and my challenge would not be accepted. Hence the sequence of challenge first, evidence later. My first data-based peer-reviewed paper on human ocular extramission is in press and the reference will be posted on my web page after it is published. Also, my US Patent Application for a system to detect extramission and use it to activate a switch (analogous to a clapper light) is posted on the US Patent office web page – the link is on my web site.
    In other words, my JREF Paranormal Challenge is also a testable scientific hypothesis.
    Colin Ross

  3. doug February 18, 2010 11:58 am

    Hello Dr. Ross – Thank you for joining us. Certainly I am sensitive to the idea of promoting false or unfounded allegations. For this reason I am very thorough in matters such as this. If the allegation is, as you say, “that the Government of Manitoba, the University of Manitoba, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba and St. Boniface Hospital conspired to cover up malpractice by me and my being fired,” then the counter-allegation must be that several individuals independently and (in the cases of Hart and Tyo) geographically unrelated, confabulated a very bizarre, unlikely, and specific narrative regarding your therapeutic practice. Further, Ms. Tyo won a rather large settlement. While Ms. Hart’s case ran over the Statute of Limitations, the Law Society of Manitoba found her case “winnable” thus agreeing to pay her legal charges in compensation of Allan Baker’s incompetence. These facts remain unchanged though you still hold medical license.
    I make no mystery that I feel the events we now refer to as the Satanic Panic were the workings of delusional paranoiacs and heart-less opportunists. To me, it matters little that your first publication regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse comes before or after a certain point. The fact is, your work on SRA comes highly recommended by those who still wish to keep the righteous witch-hunts of the eighties (to mid-nineties) alive. For this reason I would ask you not to be elusive: Do you find merit in the claim that there is an organized, underground society or agency systematically engaging in Ritual Abuse for the purpose of mind-control? Such a belief, in my view, is delusional. For a man in your position (most-cited among panic-mongers), I feel that not explicitly distancing yourself from those beliefs, if you don’t in fact hold them, is grossly irresponsible. As you know, claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse are nearly universally disregarded as an artifact of a hysteria by nearly all professions but for those in a certain sub-set of the psychotherapeutic world. Within this world, your work is felt to be vital in understanding the vile machinations of a global satanic mind-control plot. If you came to disregard claims of Satanic cult activity in the course of your work, you’d possibly do much good for those still afflicted with such delusions to explain how you reached your conclusions.
    You say, “My high-dose benzodiazepine protocol was approved by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee at St. Boniface Hospital before it was ever used. I can also supply you a list of references on ultra-high dose psychopharmacology which was widely used in the 1980s – including doses of chlorpromazine up to 24,000 mg per day.” I believe you could. Certainly, I don’t mean to imply that any errors in your treatment occurred in vacuum, that nobody could have been complicit, or that similar mistakes didn’t, even for a time, rule the day. My own feeling is that the diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder, as listed in the DSM, is just such a mistake in need of correcting. Certainly, I do not need to direct you to papers that tell the unfortunate story of Bennett Braun (a Google search will do) – who I hear you acted as an expert witness in defense of – a dissociative disorders expert who lost his license following malpractice claims remarkably similar to those brought against you by Hurt, Tyo, and Hart. Similar claims were brought against Hammond and many others – all thoroughly documented on the FMSF website.
    Are you saying that you never treated Phyllis Peters, George Bergen’s sister-in-law who committed suicide, apparently deluded into believing her family were members of a satanic cult?
    You ask, “If you were told that the James Randi Foundation was conspiring with the US Government and several other bodies to cover up the reality of the paranormal, and if this allegation was made by someone whose lawsuit against James Randi had been dismissed by the courts, would you accept affidavits from psychics as ‘evidence’?” I don’t find this to be analogous. The story told by Hurt, Tyo, Hart, and Bergen, is less one of massive conspiracy, more of massive bureaucracy. Again, the counter-allegation resulting from the idea that these people have fabricated their claims against you seems far more improbable. There are an awful lot of people willing to sign sworn affidavits yet again to meet you in court and defend the claims they’ve made in court before, and here on Process.org, and I have to wonder why? I have to wonder, where did their ideas of Satanic Ritual Abuse come from if not the contamination of a therapist “recovering” their “memories”? Could they have confabulated such things independently? Could they have manufactured these stories following treatment? Would you tell me that these subjects here did not recover such memories in your care? Or would you perhaps assert that they were indeed Ritually abused by Satanic cults?
    I have spoken with both Dr.’s Freyd and Loftus in the course of my false memory research, and though I haven’t spoken to them specifically about this, I feel their names are brought up inappropriately in your defense. I read Dr. Loftus’s afterward to your book on Satanic Ritual Abuse, and I feel it is worth noting that she saw fit to call into question your attempted display of neutrality on the topic in the afterward itself.
    Regarding Randi, I believe he specifically told me that you had not gotten back to him, but I have emailed him for confirmation. It is my hope your claim may soon be tested.
    I appreciate your rebuttal, but I find it unsatisfactory as a denial of the claims against you. It reads much more like a lawyer’s oration which seeks only to cast “reasonable doubt”. I hope you’ll see fit to answer the questions I’ve posed here in response.
    Thank you –

  4. doug February 18, 2010 8:31 pm

    Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 21:54:28 -0600 [07:54:28 PM PST]
    From: George Bergen < **********>
    To: doug mesner
    Subject: Re: Colin Ross

    Dear Mr. Mesner,
    I would like you to post this letter on the website wherein Colin Ross
    makes false allegations about me and my family. From Ross’s own
    testimony in the Minnesota Humana case, he (Ross) testifies
    that he (Ross) was employed by the University of Manitoba after
    completing his medical residency at the U of M and the St. Boniface
    Hospital, and that he (Ross) led a small team of clinicians at the U of
    M that started in 1985 as well as an assignment with the St. Boniface
    Hospital. Phyllis Peters, my sister-in-law committed suicide on July
    20th, 1986. Dr. Dennis Dyck and a graduate student were also part
    of this small clinic at the U of M, headed by Ross. Both Ross and Dyck
    terminated their employment at the U of M very shortly after July 20th,
    1986. They both fled to the United States under a cover up disclosure
    by the University of Manitoba and the St Boniface Hospital.
    My Court case was NOT dismissed by the Courts in Manitoba as Ross
    alleges. My family withdrew charges against Ross and the St Boniface
    Hospital after the Baptist Church Minister, Robert Carroll, had taken the
    side of my wife’s therapist (one of Ross;s advocates), and convinced
    my wife that if she did not withdraw from the case , that she would
    wind up in a mental Institution. So, my family’s Court case never did
    reach the Court room in the Province of Manitoba. Also, my wife and
    myself were never divorced as Ross alleges. And further, my wife,
    Bonnie, has never as much as touched a drop of alcohol ever. So where does
    Ross get the idea that my wife was an alcoholic? Depending how well
    you document the evidence in your book, I fully intend to launch a
    law suite or press for a public inquiry into the operations of the St.
    Boniface Hospital and University of Manitoba in their handling of
    the Colin Ross debacle in the Province of Manitoba. If there is a small
    consolation to this story, it is that Bob Carroll, Tammy Schultz, my wife’s
    therapist an d Colin Ross have all fled the Province of Manitoba. Colin
    Ross is a psychopath and a criminal who should be locked up in prison
    for life.
    Thank you in advance for posting this letter/
    George Burden in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

  5. Booboola from Winnipeg February 20, 2010 8:00 pm

    Message from Roma Hart to Colin Ross:

    Dr.Colin Ross seems to think that unless he published something it didn’t exist.
    none of the lectures or interviews he gave before 1995 about CIA conspiracies existed,
    none of the lectures or interviews he gave before 1995 about Satanic Rituals existed,
    and everything that his tortured patients report about him telling them that they were victims of Satanic Cults and CIA mind control experiments never existed.
    The great and wonderful Dr.Colin Ross never published it therefore it never existed?
    What the hell kind of illogical argument is that?
    Just how stupid do you think we all are Colin Ross?

    Furthermore, stop dragging Dr.Bodkin’s name into your defence. Dr.Bodkin provided an affidavit supporting my lawsuit against you not for you, idiot. You were given a copy of that affidavit, didn’t you read it? Does he have to publish it before you accept that it exists?

    You made a big mistake not killing me when you had the chance Ross, although I give you credit for doing your best.
    And you think you won when my lawsuit against you was dismissed due to delay because of a stupid lawyer.
    But you forgot something very important: I have no gag order.
    No court settlement means no gag order.
    And I have crates and crates of documents that prove what a raving lunatic you are.
    So if Doug Mesner publishes them will they exist?

  6. jeanettebartha February 24, 2010 6:22 pm

    I find Colin Ross’ rebuttal to Doug Mesner to be little more than an advertisement for his theories and products. Did he not offer that one can find them at Amazon? Did he not print his website address? And how about his future “research”? What place does that information have in a rebuttal?

    I sued my former psychiatrist (and hospital) and won a settlement 2 days before trial. I have an abbreviated gag order – I cannot name names, but I can tell my story. Said psychiatrist practiced in Philadelphia and is a colleague of Ross’, Braun, Kluft, the late Cornelia Wilber (one of Sybils MD’s) et all. The big guys that met in Chicago and invented this preposterous dx of MPD.

    Like Roma Hart, I believe I was coerced to suicide, but it didn’t work. Came close though. Being a guinea pig for these “doctors” is what we were. I know of at least 4 people who died in Philadelphia in the late 1980s during treatment that seemed somewhat or directly related to repressed memory therapy. How many patients have to die before medical licenses are yanked? And, why is it OK for a psychiatrist to flee his country and set up shop in another only to do the same thing?

    I fled Philadelphia and fortunately relocated in Colorado where people think more rationally, maybe it’s the altitude, maybe it’s because the cowboys and cowgirls out here can clearly smell shit when it’s flying.

    Back in 1992, I read Robert Jay Lifton’s work about thought reform and the psychology of totalism – he published in the 50s if I am correct. Reading his work was like reading my medical chart from Philadelphia. The coercion, mind control, thought reform he discusses is identical to what we were seduced into during repressed memory therapy. Identical. I find it impossible that the Chicago group knew nothing about Lifton’s work. Not possible.

    I agree, these doctors, and I use this term loosely, belong in prison. What they did to patients is against the Geneva Conventions. If they did not have a medical license, and did these crimes at Gitmo, they would be in prison enjoying 3 hots and a cot.

    Keep up the dialogue, the more they say, the deeper the hole. Thank you Doug for making this forum possible.

    Jeanette Bartha
    Colorado, USA

  7. SL22 March 16, 2010 6:38 pm

    I can understand anger if you were misdiagnosed and mistreated but what about those who actually have the DID? If you don’t have the disorder and it’s forced on you I can imagine believing it doesn’t exist but when you do have it and no therapist or psychiatrist has convinced you of it is terrifying. When you have periods of time you can’t account for and only realize you were in certain places because you have evidence of it makes a believer out of someone who has denied having the disorder for years. I have no brain tumor or brain injury but i have amnesia for things yet I function completely normally while amnesic. If you have another explanation for it I’d love to hear about it. I can’t speak for what Dr. Ross has done in the past but I do know that his treatment works in the present. You may disregard what I wrote now because I support Dr. Ross and his Trauma Model. Things have changed since the early 90’s and I haven’t experienced anything mentioned above while under the care of Dr. Ross or his programs.

  8. doug March 17, 2010 6:45 am

    ‘SL22’ –
    Memory lapses can occur for a variety reasons, some of which are fairly mundane: fatigue, poor diet, depression, hormonal changes. Of course, they can also signal something more serious and I would encourage you, if you suffer from regular and extreme mental lapses, to seek the advice of a neurologist (not a psychotherapist). There is no evidence at all that DID is caused by childhood trauma. In fact, the evidence is that childhood abuse does not cause DID, but that memories of childhood abuse are caused by a diagnosis of DID. Piper and Merskey published an extensive meta-analysis of DID literature finding no evidence to support the theory of childhood trauma induced DID, but rather “consistent evidence of blatant iatrogenesis” in the practice of some DID proponents.” (Iatrogenesis: When medical treatment or psychotherapy causes an illness or aggravates an existing illness.)
    (Links to the Merskey, Piper papers:)
    I myself have recently spent time with a large number of people who feel that they were abducted by extraterrestrials, listening to their stories and interviewing them at length. These are people who interpret their episodes of “missing time” as times in which they were being abducted. While their stories may sound less plausible than the childhood abuse theory of memory repression, both are on equal scientific footing as far as established causation is concerned… none at all. And while people diagnosed with DID are able to recall the repressed childhood traumas that they become convinced are there, so too are abductees able to recall memories of ET contact.
    It is also worth noting that I have interviewed hypnotherapists who use “past-life regression” to treat their clients. Some people believe that unresolved issues from past lives can affect their daily living today. When they dig for past-life memories, they of course find them, and you’ll have just as much luck telling the client who has taken to this brand of therapy that the “memories” aren’t true as you will telling the same thing to a DID patient who has recovered memories of childhood abuse.
    DID has fallen out of fashion among professionals, and my friend Dr. Numen Gharaibeh of Danbury Hospital (Psychiatry, CT) writes:
    “When 301 board-certified U.S. psychiatrists were surveyed
    in 1999 about their attitudes toward DSM-IV
    dissociative disorders diagnoses:
    • 35% had no reservations about DID
    • 43% were skeptical
    • 15% indicated the diagnosis should not be included
    in the DSM.1
    Only 21% believed there was strong evidence for
    DID’s scientific validity. On balance, published papers
    appear skeptical about DID’s core components: dissociative
    amnesia and recovered-memory therapy.”
    Dr. Harrison Pope (Psychiatry, Harvard) did a more recent survey: http://content.karger.com/ProdukteDB/produkte.asp?Aktion=ShowAbstract&ArtikelNr=89223&Ausgabe=231467&ProduktNr=223864
    Quoting from a chat I recorded with Pope:
    “I wrote an article back in 2006 pointing out that the number of articles that had been published in each year on DID and on dissociative amnesia rose from a very low number up to a high peak in the late nineties, and fell back again to a much lower number, suggesting that it was what some people have termed a scientific fad that lasted for a little while, then gradually faded from the radar, so to speak. People have criticized my study saying maybe [the decline in DID literature] is just because the questions have now been answered and scientists now agree on MPD, and therefore they don’t need to write articles. That argument is clearly fallacious, because if you look at other well-established diagnostic entities, such as anorexia nervosa, schizoprenia, alcohol dependence – the number of articles that have come out each year has been steady, or even rising in passing years. Having a number of scientific articles rise to a sharp peak, and then fall back again, strongly suggests that this is an idea that enjoyed a brief period of popularity or scientific interest, but has already gone well past its peak.”
    And so, you are correct when you say that “things have changed since the early 90’s”, but I wouldn’t say that, insofar as DID is concerned, anything has progressed. In fact, I feel that some of the DID therapists have toned-down the more outrageous aspects of their therapy that fed delusions of Satanic Ritual Abuse and other conspiracy theories, but that is due not to an increased ability to distinguish true from false recovered memories (there is no method for making that distinction but for outside corroboration), but because of lawsuits like those of Hart v. Ross, Bartha v. Hicks, Burgess v. Braun. It seems apparent to me that the thinking that brought about such gross malpractise has not changed at all – thus, when I ask Dr. Ross to be specific as to exactly where he stands in regards to conspiracy theories of Satanic Ritual Abuse, he is unable to do so.

  9. Booboola from Winnipeg March 17, 2010 4:15 pm

    of course when I was a patient of Dr.Colin Ross he had me totally convinced that I was suffering from bouts of amnesia and was dissociating.
    DID ? Sure, that’s the only explanation there could be for forgetting things.
    The more I said that I couldn’t remember the more I was rewarded,
    just like Pavlov’s little dog, I got lots of approval and attention from Ross and his staff. The other members of the support group practically competed with each other over who had forgotten the most or had the “strangest” bouts of amnesia.
    What a wacky world I lived in back during the days I was Ross’ patient.
    I would have given my life to protect his.
    I would have given him every penny I had to forward his research.
    SL22 I completely understand you, you are what I used to be:
    a completely deluded victim of Colin Ross’ fraud.

    Fortunately I escaped that world and understand that it is perfectly normal not to remember details of long past years. And it is perfectly normal not to remember a few minutes in perfect detail if you are focused on something else.
    No it wasn’t another part of your brain or another personality that put that overboiling pot on the stove and and you can’t blame dissociation for normal forgetfulness.
    I hate to break it to you but you and I are not special, we are normal,
    plain old normal, and we forget things sometimes and we get distracted sometimes. Stress causes forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating.
    so does lack of sleep and overwork, so does some medication. This does not mean you have DID, it just means that if you go to a quack whose agenda is DID you will be diagnosed with DID, sure as the grass is green and the sky is blue.

    I hope you read the information given to you in the preceding post but I doubt you will. Just like me back then I guess, actively resistant to further education.
    That is a charactereistic of all people in cults, and that is what Colin Ross’ fraud is: a cult. No critical thinking or education outside the bounds allowed, the people outside the bounds are “evil”.

    Good luck SL22, you will be delusional for the rest of your life unless you can find the strength to break free. And life as a “normal” won’t get you money from the government or special treatment and pity. The only thing it will get you is self respect and dignity.

  10. jeanettebartha March 21, 2010 10:58 am

    Dear SL22,

    I think that there is no such phenomena, or medical condition, known as DID, MPD or anything remotely related to it. Period. Well, I amend that statement. DID exists in the minds of the psychiatrist’s who created it and were heavily involved in the early stages of the ISSD, now known as ISST-D. (please forgive me if those acronyms are not exactly right). I fondly refer to the members as the Chicago 7- Braun, Kluft, Hicks, Ross, Wilber, et al. They are the MD psychiatrists who met in Chicago to discuss at length the diagnosis and treatment of multiple personality disorder in the 1980s. Not all of them were prolific writers, or speakers, yet were present. I have been verbally told by a member of this team who was present and have court depositions backing this statement. Most have been sued for medical malpractice.

    You have the absolute right to believe that you have DID and multiple persoanlities. You have the absolute right to dismiss what former patients of Colin Ross, Braun, Hicks, Kluft, et al testify to before the court. You have the absolute right to live your life as you please and disregard all scientific evidence and patient testimony to the contrary.

    The questions I pose to those who believe they have multiple personalities are:
    Is their life better than when they began therapy?
    Do they function worse in their daily activities?
    Do they believe that they have to get worse before they get better?
    Have they retained their job and love relationships?
    Have they separated from family?
    Are they on a cocktail of psychotropic drugs that decompensate their functioning?
    Do siblings, cousins, friends, neighbors, or others disagree with events that they report?
    In the 25 or so years since the proliferation of multiple personality disorder/DID, what have they read and what movies have they seen?
    Do they know that Sybil had 2 psychiatrists that disagreed on her diagnosis?
    Have they read anything on the other side of the debate?
    Do they have friends outside of therapy?
    Are they involved in art therapy or groups exclusive to multiples?
    Why do war veterans have a hard time forgetting their traumas?
    Do they have friends, or acquaintances that do not have multiple personalities?
    Do all the people they hang with believe their new memories?
    Is their therapist the most important person in their lives?

    The answers to these questions are vitally important. When thought reform, mind control, and coercion are in operation, the subject is unaware of it. That is how and why it works.

    I suggest the following be read for starters:
    Robert J. Lifton, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism
    Carol Tavris, Mistakes Were Made, but not my me.
    Naomi Klein
    Paul McHugh, paper, Psychiatric Misadventures
    Ofshe and Watters, Therapy’s Delusions
    Watters’ new book released this year
    Richard McNally
    Richard E. Hicks and Fink, Eds., Psychodelic Drugs
    Margaret Singer, Crazy Therapies
    Robyn Dawes, Why Believe that for which There Is No Evidence?

    Try researching these topics: coercion, thought reform, mind control in the 1940s through 1970s, MK-Ultra, torture, psychedelic drugs, truth drugs, Hara Krishna, Jim Jones for starters.

    Thanks for reading. Jeanette Bartha

  11. Kali May 22, 2010 9:22 pm

    I’d like to voice my experiences with the Ross Institute DID program. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to reach full integration and recovery because of the knowledge and skills I learned during my stays at the Dallas Charter hospital that Dr. Ross ran. I found Dr. Ross to be professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. This program helped not only me but also many others I have kept in contact with over the years after recovery.

    There are very few avenues to obtain quality care for DID. People like Roma, and the FMS, are hell bent on trying to eliminate and discredit the few places and people who do have expertise in this area. I’m fortunate to have gotten the help I needed to thrive and move past this horrendous mental disorder.

    My father joined the FMS and my sister became a retractor. I think it is so important to note how easy it is to turn one’s back on the abusive past and say it never happened. It is the hardest thing a person can do to stand up to an abuser especially if one’s abuser is an upstanding member of society and one’s own beloved parent…yes beloved. My sister recanted after enormous pressure from our family. My parents were also pushing to sue my therapist and psychiatrist (my treating doctor was not Dr. Ross). I told my parents that they would have to sue me because I was making the allegations, not these doctors.

    I was not involved in SRA, but I did have close friends that were. I was threatened by this cult after I went to the funeral of a cult member’s mother. I was too stupid back then to be afraid. The details I was provided matched up exactly to other things that solidified my belief that she was in fact telling the truth. I later met other survivors who told similar stories.

    Also, as a survivor of the programs that had their origins in post WWII Project Paperclip, I can attest that these programs are also fact based. In 2005, I became a federal whistle blower and testified before federal agencies about the programs to create personalities within myself that were Alpha, Theta, Beta and Delta based. After testifying, the federal agencies did say that my testimony was not questioned, the problem was that no agency wanted to take credit for it. Each agency said it was another agency’s fault.

    As someone who has worked in Federal Law Enforcement for 23 years, I can say I know the agencies to contact more than most to try and bring about justice. Each agency agreed that the program took place…it was the amends part that they did not want to address. I have recovered from the MKULTRA type programs, the child, political sex rings of Omaha fame, recovered from Bohemian grove abuse and other abuse on military bases in China Lake. It is all true. It is just beyond the average person’s ability to grasp that our govt can do such torture on its own children and remain unaccountable.

    The picture you paint, Roma, does not even remotely resemble any of my experiences with Dr. Ross or with the Ross Institute. And, as other survivors can tell you, patients committing suicide, in my opinion, do so because it is much easier than facing the often times hellish road to recovery. Don’t blame the few people left who can help us.

  12. doug May 23, 2010 4:51 pm

    Hello “Kali” –
    Thank you for joining us.
    One problem faced by anybody trying to discern a reasonable degree of “truth” in the face of directly conflicting claims is explaining to each party why their claim, in and of its self, is not proof of the events reported therein. I would not have posted Ms. Hart’s story had the corroborative documentation hyperlinked in the above article not been made available to me. Of course, this documentation does not, in and of itself, prove Ms. Hart’s narrative conclusively, but it does make a compelling case.
    On the other hand, while I am very interested in your story, we can not – as of now – confirm even the most mundane details: such as whether or not you were under the care of Dr. Ross. I am not pointing this out so as to summarily dismiss you. To the contrary, I would love if you should be willing to provide me with some elaboration. I sent an email to the address you used to register on this site. Please let me know by return email if you might be willing to speak to me about your experiences…
    Thank you –

  13. Booboola from Winnipeg May 23, 2010 6:45 pm

    “People like Roma, and the FMS, are hell bent on trying to eliminate and discredit the few places and people who do have expertise in this area.”

    Thanks Kali that’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me 🙂

    Anyhoooo……. Doug Mesner is pretty picky about needing to have actual legal documentation and reliable evidence proving your story before he will believe it, you know those skeptic types ;

  14. oompaa25 July 10, 2010 2:01 pm

    The questions I pose to those who believe they have multiple personalities are:
    Is their life better than when they began therapy? Yes, Definitely
    Do they function worse in their daily activities? Sometimes Yes and Sometimes No
    Do they believe that they have to get worse before they get better? Sometimes as with any physical ailment such as a poor back that requires pins, the pain will get worse before it gets better.
    Have they retained their job and love relationships? Yes
    Have they separated from family? No
    Are they on a cocktail of psychotropic drugs that decompensate their functioning? No
    Do siblings, cousins, friends, neighbors, or others disagree with events that they report? Only the abusers everyone else supports
    In the 25 or so years since the proliferation of multiple personality disorder/DID, what have they read and what movies have they seen? I’ve read Got Parts, watched Sybil and USofTara
    Do they know that Sybil had 2 psychiatrists that disagreed on her diagnosis? Yes
    Have they read anything on the other side of the debate? Yes, quite a bit
    Do they have friends outside of therapy? Absolutely
    Are they involved in art therapy or groups exclusive to multiples? No
    Why do war veterans have a hard time forgetting their traumas? because a child’s brain processes trauma different than an adults
    Do they have friends, or acquaintances that do not have multiple personalities? Yes
    Do all the people they hang with believe their new memories? Their not new memories but yes they love and accept me for who I am. It’s not all about the memories I have.
    Is their therapist the most important person in their lives? No my husband

    Hope that helps.

  15. oompaa25 July 10, 2010 2:04 pm

    booboola – there’s not much they will even read on the opposite side much less accept. it’s sad that these things have happened, but well. lol. well i’ll keep it to myself.

  16. doug July 10, 2010 3:07 pm

    Thank you “compaa25” (Heather), but, no, that doesn’t help at all, really. I believe those were questions meant for you to put to yourself and reflect upon with honesty, not questions meant as a spring-board for your unverifiable, unilluminating anecdotes. I believe I previously tried to explain to you on another forum why it is that anecdotes don’t count as evidence, if you remember? Allow me to re-cap: after having spent a good deal of time talking with people who have recovered memories not only of satanic ritual abuse, but also alien abduction & past lives, as well as having observed deliverances (exorcisms) and witnessed controlled and recorded events after which observers gave grossly inaccurate descriptions of events and objects they observed (a well-known phenomenon to magicians), it is not reasonable for somebody to appear on the internet, offer a personal tale of their remarkable life as a “multiple”, and expect me to accept it at face value. This is not to say I entirely disregard anecdote, but that I take it strictly for what it is: something that somebody claims for whatever reason, which may or may not be true whether he/she believes that claim or not. Fact is, the preponderance of actual verifiable evidence points to the false memory theory of DID. Further, evidence points to there being quite a bit of academic dishonesty amongst those promoting the theory of dissociative amnesia. You claim that “children process trauma differently”. Do tell? Why is it, then, that reliable studies of child witnesses of traumatic events find that they remember the events probably more explicitly than they would like to? There is, in fact, one remarkable study that demonstrates both the children’s tendency to remember trauma AND the intellectual dishonesty that tries to prove otherwise. I’m referring to a study by Dollinger that found 2 of 38 children who witnessed a fatal lightning strike had no memory of the event afterward. Brown, Scheflin, and Hammond (1998) (and I recommend you read my blog post “Mental Robots” regarding the amazing Dr. Hammond) interpreted this as evidence for dissociative amnesia. They conveniently failed to mention that the 2 children who were amnesiac for the event were themselves also hit by “side flashes” of the lightning, rendering them unconscious from head injury. While there are plenty of studies that reliably show that children witnessing traumatic events (Bosnian genocide, devastating disasters) remember these things all too well, there doesn’t seem to be a single paper that reasonably concluded the presence of dissociative amnesia, though there are plenty of misinterpretations of the data in the Brown, Scheflin, Hammond vein. I would seriously recommend you read both “Remembering Trauma” by Dr. Richard McNally, and “Psychology Astray” by Dr. Harrison Pope. They look directly at the “evidence” that is used to support the idea of DID, and they explain in detail where this evidence always fails.
    Another problem with anecdote is that it always seems to get more detailed and more explicit the more it is confronted with doubt. For instance, when I was speaking to somebody who believed himself to have been abducted by aliens, he was telling me about how he awoke one night paralyzed. He continued to say that he observed lights, figures, etc. I mentioned to him that I myself had suffered sleep paralysis, and that I knew full well how convincing those things which one feels are happening at that time can be.
    But he didn’t experience sleep paralysis, he insisted. He was awake!
    One feels that one is awake during sleep paralysis, I pointed out.
    Then, remarkably, he finally mentioned that they had left physical evidence in his home! Some type of slime that scientists confirmed (though I of course am not able to confirm the scientists even exist) is from another planet. Also, he has an implant.
    I also see this in debates with people (like yourself) who are invested in their DID identity. Their position can not stand up to scientific scrutiny, but they are only too happy to lay out lengthy, unverifiable anecdotes online.
    When you have the type of publishable, documented corroboration that both Jeanette Bartha and Roma Hart do, Heather, let me know. I’ll be happy to post your story then. Until then, you might want to take our advice on research material, or go back to those who are willing to “just accept” whatever you say. I don’t think you’re going to manage to sell many puzzle ribbon buttons at this venue…

  17. oompaa25 July 10, 2010 7:16 pm

    i was responding to a comment that bartha posted. if she didn’t want to know answers then she didn’t have to ask. i wasn’t attacking you and i wasn’t going against anything that you said, so i have absolutely no clue why you felt the need to jump all over me about it. geesh talk about hitting a touchy subject. i can agree to disagree and be fine with that. my comment is there and you can choose to delete it if you like after all it is your blog post. and no i would never dream of selling my pins here. that would make no sense whatsoever???? i only came here to see what you all had experienced to understand better. i wasn’t challenging you or anything like that. someone asked questions specifically to those with ‘multiple personalities’ and i merely answered with my experiences. that’s all.

  18. Booboola from Winnipeg July 10, 2010 11:14 pm

    “….Do they believe that they have to get worse before they get better? Sometimes as with any physical ailment such as a poor back that requires pins, the pain will get worse before it gets better…..”

    Heather you’re comparing MPD/DID therapy to back surgery ? What the fuck !

    “….Why do war veterans have a hard time forgetting their traumas? because a child’s brain processes trauma different than an adults….”

    Heather what the hell do you understand about the brain ?
    I already sent you a link to a web page that could help you learn just enough to stop being so god damn stupid but I can see you didn’t read it.
    Heather you seem to be actively resistant to any type of non-DID information or, …….God forbid…. EDUCATION (Yipes!)
    but try your best to read these two sites below:



  19. shemsu-hor-set October 3, 2010 2:42 am

    Doug, are you a master, priest or prophet.. or none of the above?

  20. jeanettebartha October 3, 2010 2:46 pm

    I am glad to learn that there are only a few places left for people to get treatment for DID in a manner that Colin Ross advocates. It will go a long way to eradicating one of the biggest debacles in the history of the psychiatric profession.

    That is not to say that women have NOT been horrifically injured physically & emotionally. Sexual assault of any kind is unforgivable and victims deserve all the assistance they need to heal.

    I take issue with therapists who need to make women believe they have multiple personalities. There are fewer and fewer people like Colin Ross practicing this antiquated therapy based on erroneous theories. Doesn’t that say something for the scientific community correcting a wrong? It’s not because Ross has special powers, insight, or abilities. He’s just a man making a living off the misfortune of others. Otherwise, he has nothing.

    There is no question that MKULTRA was a program. What’s the point of arguing its existence? There were 145 programs in it. Why don’t I ever hear anyone tell me what program they were in and where it happened without saying another personality has that information and won’t tell me.

    The answers to the rhetorical questions I posed were interesting, and were answered just as I expected them to be.

  21. shemsu-hor-set October 17, 2010 5:30 pm

    aw, darn – no response? Help me, Im troubled by this. We need to get to the truth!

  22. doug October 18, 2010 10:33 am

    in my experience “the truth” is never with those who might refer to themselves as “master, priest or prophet”…

  23. Phoenix November 20, 2010 8:35 pm

    I ran across this blog unexpectedly today and just had to comment. I am neither a believer nor a disbeliever of MC/SRA and DID. Rather, I am a scientist (working with bio-energy fields ironically) who approaches EVERYTHING needing clear, indescriminate proof that can be repeatable. I had never heard RA/MC theories until I was approached by a woman one day after speaking at a seminar about some research I was working on. She asked me questions about how I ended up doing this type of work. I divulged that I was a child prodigy who was sent away to a special school for gifted students. It was at this school that my curriculum laid the groundwork for my future research. Out of the blue, the woman says “Did they hurt you?” I looked at her rather askance. My first thought was “What an absolutely ridiculous question! Of course not!” She went on to explain the theory or claims of RA/MC and that she felt I was somehow involved in such a thing. I was shocked by her revelations and felt more than a little uncomfortable internally despite the fact that I never once displayed my anxiety outwards.

    So here’s the rub… It is true that I have been a victim of several child sexual abuse. I have explicit and complete memories of being abused by more than a dozen individuals, including men, women, and even other children, from the time I was at least 3 years old until I turned 18. These are not repressed or recovered memories. They are memories I’ve carried my entire life. Some of my abusers were family and some not. To my knowledge, there was no collaboration between any of the abusers or incidents. They were or appear to me to be completely separate and unrelated incidents.

    I also went through other severe and horrific traumas in addition to the sexual abuse. When I was five, I was attacked and mauled by a pack of 4 dogs. While there are some pieces of this incident that I cannot recall, I can clearly remember most of the event. Further, I came a hair’s breath from drowning when I was 8 years old…another event I can recall nearly every detail.

    Despite all of these traumas, I have NEVER once developed a split personality. I can definitively say that I am not “missing time” in my life or have black-outs.

    However, the woman from the seminar had me wondering if there was something sinister and hidden in my life. After all, my father was a Special Forces medic who worked on many top secret operations…even some involving the CIA (whom he never liked and still speaks of disparagingly to this day!). It is also true that I was given “military-type training” at my school through a specialized ROTC program and Civil Air Patrol. Lastly, there is no doubt that as a child prodigy I was subjected to numerous psychological and intellectual tests in my life. There was a time when paranoia of these facts and their “hidden meanings” lead me to research RA/MC up to and including Dr Ross. I even signed up with S.M.A.R.T. In an attempt to “connect the pieces.”. In the end, No matter how much I scrutinized every detail, there was no denying that I had absolutely no memories of anything satanic or mind control related. No smoking gun. Every memory in my past has continuity and/or facts which can be verified.

    Eventually, I was politely asked to leave S.M.A.R.T. Because my “self-doubt” that I was RA/MC was “triggering” to other members. For me, nothing has ever been clear cut. There are certainly some troubling incidents in my past that may be more than they appear on the surface, but I simply cannot find irrefutable proof of any extended conspiracy. Even rationally considering the idea, it just doesn’t seem feasible for such a conspiracy to be pulled off with such utter secrecy across multiple generations and countries. The cost of such undertaking is prohibitive on it’s own merit! Secondly, if such a system did exist, how can any individual every be completely sure that they are not being “accessed” again? The answer I’ve received is always the same – “I can’t…” Doesn’t that answer still keep you ultimately enslaved – rhetorically speaking?

    Finally, I have created a rather good life for myself. I have worked hard to become a respected professional in my field. I work with individuals and societies that SMART demonizes and have always found that those people have high integrity. Like me, they are motivated by wishing to make a real, positive difference in the world. I, personally, have never seen any evidence of principles or behavior that would lead me to disengage myself from collaborative research and work with these companies and individuals. If I were really a victim of RA/MC, I certainly cannot see how myself or my family has suffered for it. Even considering my known traumas, an individual always has the choice of embracing their experiences as a way to make yourself a stronger and more compassionate individual. Because of my life, I am a survivor….and I don’t believe that has ANYTHING to do with RA/MC but rather from my own personal perspective.

  24. doug November 21, 2010 12:47 pm

    thank you for commenting, “phoenix”.
    you raise an interesting point when you say: “if such a system [of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control] did exist, how can any individual every be completely sure that they are not being ‘accessed’ again? The answer I’ve received is always the same – ‘I can’t…’ Doesn’t that answer still keep you ultimately enslaved – rhetorically speaking?”
    no doubt, it does. those who still subscribe to the idea of methodical, amnesia-inducing traumas being forced upon their victims by this presumed conspiracy would say that you are in “denial”. even if this were the case, and — contrary to all predictions based on how the mind works — you had forgotten some traumas that provided the vital link to a massive conspiracy, what is your alternative? you either live in “denial” or you obsess for the rest of your days, speculating as to the nature, the movements, and the ultimate design that motivates this evil underworld — an underworld which is so effective and insidious, that your revolt against it would mean nothing. this is hardly a world-view that can be best expected to promote your on-going well-being.
    i have received some e-mails regarding the recovered memory articles that i have posted here from people who are still quite convinced that they were victims of satanic mind-control. some of these emails have sought to convince me that the recovery of these memories has proven a most effective therapy, that before realizing this “truth” of their victimization within a cult, they were confused and disturbed. the narrative of abuse at the hand of a hidden enemy may have given these people a sense-of-purpose, and may have given them a context in which to frame their lives during a confusing time, but in exchanging messages with these people, i find that each one of them expresses a good deal of doubt and paranoia. they still worry about being tracked, worry for their children’s safety (unreasonably), and seem rather trapped in this deleterious reality-frame wherein the important events, the most vital happenings, are taking place behind their backs, under their noses, but without so much as a trace scent. everything, it seems, is waiting to collapse around them, and they are too paralyzed (for lack of definite information) to act on their own behalf. of course, one can never prove a negative, but there isn’t evidence to support the existence of such a conspiracy, and more than enough evidence to indicate that it isn’t there. in any case, i strongly feel that these individuals would do best to forget the whole business, concentrate on their own daily lives, and not oppress themselves with feverish speculation as to what invisible forces may be conspiring to do next.
    it is encouraging to hear that you were able to come to this on your own, even in a social environment where anecdote and embellishment seem to be taken as concrete fact. clearly, the “self-doubt” that found you expelled was triggering similar doubts in others, and it is a toxic group environment that does not tolerate reasonable questions to the answers. i hope others still involved in such networks eventually display your fortitude….

  25. Phoenix November 21, 2010 3:17 pm


    For certain, many in SMART think that I am in “denial” of my “true reality.” I am certainly “tied in” with all the right groups in their opinions – the CIA, FBI, military, and more. My husband is a master Mason. I am a Rosicrucian (and darn proud of it!!) and sit on 2 international research boards through these “secret society” groups. One SMART member exclaimed in horror, after finding out the types of curriculum I studied at the special government school I attened, “oh my god! “They” aren’t even trying to HIDE their agenda with you or others like you!!” I find that funny because I look back at my life and don’t see anything in it that would lead me to believe me or anyone else in my life is killing babies or torturing anyone. My research is based upon HELPING PEOPLE, not killing or controlling them.

    I don’t pass judgement on other people’s experiences because I have not walked in “their shoes.” However, I once had a very good friend who did a past life regression with a psychotherapist. He came back from the session convinced that he had lived in the 13th century around Germany. He had a whole slew of “facts” that he could remember from this supposed “past life.” I listened politely to him recount what he remembered. Then, I slowly began to point out the obvious inconsistencies of his recounting. For example, he felt he had two children (Ashley and Matthew) and a wife (Michelle). I clearly pointed out to him that those are 20th century names…..not 13th century Germania. He also spoke about eating potatoes at a meal. I kindly pointed out that potatoes weren’t brought to Europe until the early 18th century, well after the time period when he supposedly “lived.” Needless to say, my “comments” on his experience were not well received.

    I guess when people hold onto a “scenario” that they believe is their reality, they are very defensive of it and see any other opinion as a direct assault. Do I believe that I am a victim of RA/MC? No, I don’t…. Do I believe I may be DID? Well, I’m not 100% sure on that one (due to some other incidents that I have not explained in my posts), but I don’t really think so. Do I believe that I am somehow involved in some insidious, multi-generational conspiracy? Not likely…

  26. emmablue December 24, 2010 2:08 am

    I have not read all of the comments because there are so many and I will come baqck, but I want to add my two cents:

    This MPD stuff was very popular with the women’s center volunteers because they could shove it through and accuse men, women’s fathers, of rape and thus increase their whole raison d’etre.

    My experience was that I was trying to get my brother-in-law charged for molesting and continuing to harass me. It was not a weird ritual, it was a regular horny guy who thought it was real cool that his wife had a kid sister. So I was referred to the local women’s center which had been inserted into the police system for screening people. Volunteers with six-weeks training in politics would act as the screeners. I had a few friendly conversations with one of them (I am telling only part of the story for brevity’s sake) and she asked me about my childhood and I told an anecdote about having a weird reaction to a Dali painting, and she interrupted me and told me that proved I actually was raped by my father and my brother-in-law was a false memory to hide the true memory! (key to this: my sister was donating to the women’s center and I had tried to tell myself that would not impact me) This volunteer had listened until she could find just any silly anecdote to hang father-rape on! And to absolve “normal” sexual assaulters. I told her she was nuts, I was a young teen (12-13) when the abuse started and I knew darn well exactly who did it and what happened. My father was a sweet and loving man who never hurt his children. But they were hell-bent to prevent me from pressing charges against my brother-in-law.

    Another incident, same county, same “health” network: I was going to a group therapy for stress (living in the same area as said brother-in-law and being a single mother, etc) and I made a short trip into Canada for a vacation. I am from French-Canadian heritage. Upon return, I had picked up the old family accent and one of the two therapists in the group noticed it and pointed it out and I laughed and said “yes, I just got back ffrom Quebec.” but that therapist tried to start constructing an MPD diagnosis and I had to argue that it is not at all unusual for ethnic-Americans to shift accents when visiting back in their other language and we are perfectly aware of who we are, the same person, all the time. I swear, I think those shrinks believed that people who speak two languages have MPD!!! and in that semi-rural county, the fashion of the moment (that was apparently dominated by people like Ross) was all anyone could get in terms of treatment or help for any kind of stress or family problems. That was late eighties and early nineties.

  27. tramatizedbyross April 19, 2011 11:02 am

    April 19, 2011,
    Wanting to sue Ross myself, so physically sick and “MECICINE” “induced mental illness” , for past 25 years!! All I needed was some good therapy, and I’d have been fine! But of course you have to be on “meds.”…….. Been on over 50 psych meds.!! AND SHOCK THERAPY!! Anyone on ANY PSCYCH MED should read the previously mentioned DR> PETER BREGGIN. FINALLY FORCED BIG PHARMA TO PUT ALL THE HORRIFIC PERMANANT MANY OF THEM & COMMON ***”SIDE EFFECTS”. This info I just came across 2 months ago, and has explained why, My brain is permantly damaged, my live is in shambles, along with the hell, I, my family, relation, friends, etc., have went though because of the “THEROY” of “CHEMICAL IMBALANCE”, that has replaced good Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral and Legitimate Trauma Therapys. Now, MY PHYSICAL HEALTH HAS ME BEDRIDDEN AT 47, with NO SUPPORT, because no one understands, or wants to deal with MENTAL illness. I had MENTAL ILLNESS, as it was “INDUCED” by the very medications, used in HIGH DOSES AND MANY COMBINATIONS!! THEN PATIENTS HAVE LESS “RIGHTS” THAN A CRIMINAL< AND THEY ALWAYS BLAME A PATIENT FOR ACTING MANIC< NEUROTIC< PSYCHOTIC, when that's why they came to hospital in the first place!! FOR HELP< AND END UP ABUSED!!

    I"M so glad to find VALIDATION against this horror of a man! Actually my experience in 25 years of many psychiatrists, is that 90% of them really don't even like people!! NOT PSYCOLOGISTS, necess. but psych. never agree with one another. They all will always change your meds to their own "concoction" (sp?). They treat you like you are the stupidest idiot on earth. They are rude, inconsiderate, and make you cry if ness. and then demand (25 yrs ago) 150 per 1 1/2 hr., even if you hated their service, and don't want to pay for their abuse!!




    I have been to the State hospital in Kalamazoo, MI one of the 2 or 3 in the whole state left 3 times, so I know what hell is. They are all EVIL.
    Most of the time the older workers, few younger, are genuinely nice and helpful. But many just work their for the $$ and since you are dropped to a "patient" and not a "paying customer" status, you are ripe for people who love to be abusive in all forms.

    So I wanted to bring MAJOR attention to the **NEW released drug "SIDE EFFECTS", as MENTAL ILLNESS has risen just in the last decade 700%!!!!! WHY??**BECAUSE THEIR "MEDICINES" "INDUCE" THESE ILLNESS & BEHAVIORSS (won't EVEN go into Amphetamines give to CHILDREN, STRONGER THAN COCAINE!!)<WHICH PROVIDE MORE INCOME THAN THEY CAN EVEN KEEP UP WITH.


    I'm so glad to VERY UNFORTUNETLY read the horrors this man alone has done, not to mention the MANY MANY OTHERS!!! BUT at least I have validation, I'm NOT "CRAZY" or a "MONSTER". And hopefully what these poor people have went though with this "Horror of a man", which "Charisma" (boy they are right on that one, it's like setting with the great & powerful "OZ", where he treats, he's on a GOD like pedistal, and WILL NEVER ADMIT HE'S WRONG, NO PSYCH. I"VE EVER RAN INTO WILL (not that their aren't some, I'm just saying as a group, they are the RUDEST, NARCISTIC bunch of money, domination and almost REVERENCE hungry lot I've met!! That have so much LEGAL POWER OVER YOUR LIFE!! ITS HORRIFYING!!

    Like the others mentioned, HE BLACK BALLS PEOPLE, and they ALL mostly STICK TOGETHER, except they secrectly all have their own adgenda's and argue & fight about "diagnois'"(sp?). Only PROBLEM IS, with their power, they lie and can basicly imprison you by their notations, because, PSYCH paitents ALWAYS LIE, and are ALWAYS WRONG!!! SO THE GREEN RIVER KILLER HAD 2-3 LAWYERS, but Psych patients, unless they have family & $$$$ they won't TOUCH YOUR CASE, AS YOU ARE UNRELIABLE. BASICLY YOU ARE REDUCED TO LOWER THAN A PRISONER, WHO'S ALLOWED TO TESTIFY AGAINST ANOTHER!!

    If your not "crazy" when you go in the system, you will be by time you get out!!!!!!!!!!


    IF you can just stick to therapy, if can't afford GOOD therapist, LOTS of GOOD therapy CBT, DBT & TRAUMA, PTSD, ETC., that have REASONABLE< PRACTICAL THERAPY"S——DO THAT INSTEAD OF GETTING SUCKED INTO THE SYSTEM!!!

    MY LAST COMMENT. IN MY 25 years of GROUP< ROOMATES< FELLOW PATIENTS MET, ****EVERYONE IS AN INDIVIDUAL****!!!!. SOME DO "DISASSOCIATE", MY mom who was horribly abused, NEVER went to a PSYCH, but since I was little I've SEEN HER DO IT. She said in school, she hardly ever talked, but always got in trouble for "DAYDREAMING". THAT's what they used to call it. I DONT HAVE THAT ABILITY, I REMEMBER EVERTHING IN VIVID DETAIL.



    But at least with this site, hopefully it gives me amunition, but I'm on disabilty also, and no lawyer will touch me because of no $$!!!

    But just validation is very helpful, thank you all very much for your stories, however you experience it, it's painful for you.
    Don't let your "DIAGNOIS" BE YOUR IDENTITY 🙂

    THere I think I'm done!!! Thank you all!!

  28. jeanettebartha May 10, 2011 4:27 pm


    To say I’m sorry you went through that would hardly be fitting. I was tortured by a psychiatrist who was a colleague of Ross’ who did truth serum interviews, tied me to beds every day, and I took so many meds back then it’s criminal.

    As you mentioned, the manner in which I was treated as a patient is against the Geneva Conventions regarding how a prisoner of war is allowed to be treated according to International Law. I wish I knew that fact when I sued the doctor and hospital. Why that man and those who run that hospital aren’t serving prison sentences is beyond my comprehension.

    Glad you found us. I’m sure Doug won’t mind – you can also visit my blog “multiple personalities don’t exist” and also find Roma Hart. She has made posts on this blog. She too, was abused by Ross.

    Best to you.

  29. Aser August 21, 2011 3:24 am

    Thank you for this. Great. Not just the usual bullshit but things that make sence and good conversation on the topic.
    The thing I wonder is why all of this theories focus on satanism and mind control out of hundreds of religious organisations and programs where in fact there are a lot more reasonable evidence and real cases of abuse.
    For example I know very real people and cases from the Beatitudes, the Hare Krishna and from ultra religious Jewish sects. Or we can mention the lots of christian organisations newborn christians believers. Or the catholic church. Almost all religious sects have some ugly issues. But thats only becouse there are many ugly people.

    Becouse this name was dedicated for all the negative and bad qualities. But its so naiv to fall to an idea like this.
    I can almost say its like an IQ test.

  30. jeanettebartha August 21, 2011 2:46 pm

    Aser, the reason this focuses on satanism (ritual abuse of the 1980s) and mind control is because they are conspiracy theories that are difficult to grab and see clearly. They are circular arguments, and can be interpreted by individuals differently, they are amorphous, and they ask us to prove a negative putting the burden of proof on the questioner, rather on the one contending they have information – I can go on, but I think you get the drift.

    Thanks for your comments. JB

  31. notaninja December 6, 2011 2:17 am

    What a disturbing article!

    It must be a huge relief to Ross’s surviving victims and their families to know that someone has taken the time to thoroughly research and record at least some of Ross’s abusive activities.

    I hope this is at least some small consolation to them.

    If there is any justice in the world Colin Ross would spend the rest of his miserable life in jail.

  32. GaianGuy December 10, 2011 2:46 am

    On May 22, 2010 at 9:22 pm, “Kali” posted a lengthy defense of “The Ross Institute”, (above), which contains many questionable claims.

    Doug really gave you the “kid glove” treatment, Kali. No doubt, he sincerely wanted to hear more of your story and didn’t want to scare you off by confronting those claims. I have no idea if the two of you ever had further communications or not.

    Well, it’s been over a year since you posted that here…time for me to call bullsh*t on it.

    Specifically, this:

    “In 2005, I became a federal whistle blower and testified before federal agencies about the programs to create personalities within myself that were Alpha, Theta, Beta and Delta based. After testifying, the federal agencies did say that my testimony was not questioned, the problem was that no agency wanted to take credit for it. Each agency said it was another agency’s fault”.

    is a lie – and you are a liar!
    I have a copy of “subproject 136” – I’m looking at it right now – and YOU ARE A LIAR, Kali.

    Some who have posted comments here are merely confused. After quacks like Ross messed their heads up, some may be genuinely incapable of telling fact from fiction. But that’s not the case with you. You know very well what you are doing, your deception is voluntary and intentional. That’s reprehensible, to say the least.

  33. doug December 10, 2011 9:10 am

    Re: “kid glove treatment”. It’s true, but I never want to be accused of dismissing out-of-hand any evidence that one was willing to provide me. Nonetheless, there are always complaints of knee-jerk disbelief merely for the fact that I require evidence to support outrageous claims at all. Let be known that I’ve always made myself available to discussion and consideration of evidence, and the Satanic Ritual Abuse/Alien Abduction crowd have always failed to produce anything meaningful.

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