Reading, Writing, Transcendent Levitation

by  —  April 6, 2009

Friday 3 April, 2009: David Lynch’s press conference is poorly managed and uninformative but well-planned enough – it seems – to achieve its intended effect. The attending Press are either convinced, or confused and cowed – by the PowerPoint presentation of statistical graphs and PhD presented data. Nobody seems capable of a sensible question by […]

Leaving The Cult: An Interview With Therapist John Knapp

by  —  July 2, 2008

John M. Knapp, LMSW (pictured below), is a therapist who specializes in counseling those who are recovering from “cultic abuse”. Doug: A friend of mine forwarded me your website and I’m generally very skeptical of cult experts, but I was struck by the fact that you don’t seem to be promoting the idea, popular in […]

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by  —  February 25, 2008

I didn’t recognise her voice, nor did I recognise the number on my caller ID, but she said my name with such enthusiastic familiarity that I felt compelled to match her tone. Some of my friends have proven easily insulted by my occasional failures of immediate voice recognition, and who but a friend would be […]

Mental Robots

by  —  January 11, 2008

Listening to an audio recording of the event, I can not help but envision a room full of elderly, church-going women with purple hair piled high into “bee-hives”, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, faces rigid with sanctimonious concern; Their husbands, in button-down flannel shirts and broad ties, sitting uncomfortable with the night’s lackluster sobriety, trigger-fingers itchy for […]

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And Begin…

by  —  December 31, 2007

The Process started for me in Malibu in the early 90’s. I had been working with Skinny Puppy for several years and received an invitation to join the band as a full time visual artist. At the time I had pseudo net access (email and news reader) through a great unix BBS called the Edge […]

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As It Was…

by  —  December 30, 2007

At some point in my later teens I began to wonder where Satan had gotten off to. In earlier years the insidious Old Scratch was everywhere; planting blasphemous backward messages in music, sowing the seeds of homicide in spiritually naive Dungeons & Dragons players, and encouraging every manner of sinful abandon. The liquor-sodden, cathode-entranced, wife-beating […]

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