by  —  August 24, 2008

The following short story was written by Carole A. Travis-Henikoff, an independent scholar specializing in paleoanthropology.   Travis-Henikoff  began her literary career as a culinary writer .  Her current research explores death, dying, grieving, dreams and anomalous occurrences.  Travis-Henikoff’s recent book Dinner With a Cannibal has earned widespread critical acclaim.  Publisher’s Weekly gave the book a star, stating […]

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Unintelligence: “Expelled” Reviewed

by  —  April 27, 2008

With the film’s website reporting widespread blog coverage – dubious as any of their data must be considered – and given the fact that that I’ve already written about it on this site – another entry regarding Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed might seem redundant and tiresome, if not needless, given that the film […]

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by  —  February 25, 2008

I didn’t recognise her voice, nor did I recognise the number on my caller ID, but she said my name with such enthusiastic familiarity that I felt compelled to match her tone. Some of my friends have proven easily insulted by my occasional failures of immediate voice recognition, and who but a friend would be […]

Belief and Common Reality

by  —  January 7, 2008

I was sitting with a close friend, F, and his wife, W, in a Tucson breakfast joint the other month; the discussion was hovering around figures of the Deepak Chopra flavour: how those types continue to profess insight on the workings of the universe by stringing together sexy physics words like a guru-Mad-Lib but who […]

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