Among The Abducted

by  —  October 18, 2010

This is the first report of my experiences with individuals who feel that they have had personal contact with extraterrestrials.  More are forthcoming.  Where appropriate, names have been changed… Laughlin, Nevada is the kind of place where vegetarianism is deviant. Even the lentil soup comes served with large chunks of sausage in it… Thick, greasy, […]

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Dr. Colin A. Ross: Psychiatry, the Supernatural, and Malpractice Most Foul

by  —  February 8, 2010

“Q.  Okay.  Just to make sure I have covered the bases and the record is clear, there is no known, reliable method for distinguishing between true and false memories by talking to a patient? A.  True, except for one little qualifier.  Obviously, physically impossible memories.  Setting that aside, no. Q.  Something like having a memory […]

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Lies, Levitation, and Defamations Most Foul

by  —  January 30, 2010

The diagnosis is in: I have a malignant negativity, a “negative world view”, that prevents me from accepting the unique universal healing properties of Transcendental Meditation™ [TM]. My problem has been recognised by some of the top minds at Maharishi University (TM’s university in Fairfield, Iowa) who have expressed a willingness to take legal action […]

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by  —  October 18, 2009

On a recent trip to mainland China I spent most of my time in a city called Hangzhou. The population of this beautiful city is somewhere around 3 million souls. A lot of Chinese people rely on the bicycle for transport as well as scooters. Chinese cities are very congested like their Euro counterparts so […]

… and Six Thousand Steps Back

by  —  May 17, 2009

The most recent act of scared-pigmy-ism in Texas is really wearing thinly upon me; it evokes feelings akin to what i feel due to those people who don’t really want to work, but would like to receive all sorts of benefits derived from the income tax system. So, in the category of “it only seems […]

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by  —  April 20, 2009

Appended with author reply April 22. The following book review, originally published in Skeptic Magazine volume 14, no. 2, gives my rather unflattering overview of the assertions made in The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Case for the Existence of the Soul by Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary. The book distresses me in that I see […]

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Myth as Asylum from Questioning

by  —  December 15, 2008

There is too much religious tolerance in the world today. This may read as nonsense given the seemingly endless stream of news items in which guy from faith A attempts to kill person from faith B and recent quasi-scrutiny of the belief system birthed by that science fiction author; if so, suspend your disbelief for […]

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The Imminent Speciation

by  —  August 26, 2008

One need not look too deeply into the science news of the world to follow the quickening march of both genetic and man-machine-merging developments. As successful human trials become prevalent, self-enhancement by private individuals will soon follow. This self-enhancement can be neither universal nor equal and so, due to this, places the world human population […]

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